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Justice League by Secret Identity
Name the members of the Justice League by their secret identities.
Bullseye Blitz: Superheroes!
If you want to defeat a Bullseye, Daredevil is probably the best hero to call.
Justice League, not Sporcle League
Name the Justice League members (pre-Zero Hour) with the letters of S, P, O, R, C, L, and E taken out.
'Justice League' Start to Finish (TV)
Can you choose the events of Justice League (2001-2004) in order?
Click the Justice League Members
Can you click each member of the Justice League by their name on the show?
Similar (AKA rip off) Marvel & DC Characters
Name the Marvel AND DC Characters that fit the descriptions.
Get The Picture: Arrowverse Shows
Pick the Arrowverse show that each character first appeared on.
► Through the Kaleidoscope: Superhero Logos
Can you name superhero logos shown through a kaleidoscope?
The 3rd thing you need to know: Superheroes
Pick the superheroes by the third sentence in their Wikipedia article.
Who is the Bat Family (Picture Click)
Pick the Bat Family members by both hero and secret identities (Picture Click)? (Credit Phil-Cho).
Marvel vs DC (picture click)
Pick the Marvel vs DC heroes (picture click).
The Flash TV Show Characters by Most Episodes
Name the The Flash TV Show Characters by Most Episodes.
Dc Picture Find: Legends Of Tomorrow CW
Can you name cw's Legends Of Tomorrow characters?
Badly Drawn Superhero Logos
There's nothing "super" about our artistic skills.
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