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Let's Make Superman's Logo
Wouldn’t this be easier with a sharpie?
Batman vs. Superman
No matter who you like more, they're both still wearing tights.
One-Letter Logos (A-Z)
You know you're popular if people can recognize you by just one letter.
Odd One Out: DCEU Scenes
Can you identify the scene that is NOT from the given DCEU film?
'The Flash' Start to Finish (Season 1)
Pick the events from the CW's 'The Flash' in the order they occurred? .
Mis-Matched Marvel & DC Villains
Can you fix the scrambled Marvel villain & DC villain names by matching them with their counterpart?
Bane or the Joker?
Na na na na na na na na...Batquiz!
Logos Through the Ages: DC Comics
And here we thought Sad Affleck Batman was the new DC logo.
DC & Marvel Comics Mugs
It's got to be tough to drink with your mask on.
Click a Movie, Initially - Superhero Movies II
Click like the world depends on it.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Entertainment II
Well this should be entertaining.
Comic Book Teddy Bears
They've already saved us from monsters under the bed, now it's time for them to save the world.
Quick Pick: DC Superheroes by Secret Identities
Can you click the correct DC superhero when given his or her secret identity?
DC Comics Secret Identities
Not everyone can be a superhero, for starters you need a snappy alter ego, a plucky sidekick, and the ability to stay the same age 60-70 years after you were created.
DC Comics: Most Published 1-100
Some of these DC Comics characters get published as much as SproutCM!
Odd Color Out: Hero Logos
Can you choose the color that ISN'T present on the given superhero's logo?
Paint by Trivia: Superhero Movies
Do you think Batman has ever done a Paint & Sip night?
Pixelated Superhero Logos
This is what it looks like when the commissioner doesn't have an HD distress signal.
5x5 in 90: Mixed Entertainment Minefield Blitz
Five times the entertainment at a bargain of only ninety seconds!
Comic Book Teams: First 10 Members
These characters started it all.
DC Picture Find: Batman
Can you name all characters of the Batman universe?
Superheroes Minefield
Pick the Top 20 superheroes with the most appearances from the Top 50.
Comic Book Characters from A-Z
A really lame superpower would be to put things in alphabetical order. Good thing these heroes have that covered.
Shakespeare or Batman?
For all we know Shakespeare IS Batman.
6 to 1 DC Comics Movie Superheroes
Pick the person that played each DC Comics character on the big screen.
Superheroes A-Z
Name the superheroes from A-Z by their picture.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Entertainment
Can you sort the 100 Entertainment items in this 1 to 10 to 1 sorting gallery?
Superheroes by Browser History
This quiz brings new meaning to the term "World Wide Web."
16 Little Superhero Pictograms
Note: This is not a quiz about Mighty Mouse.
7 to 1: Superheroes
Can you pick superheroes that belong to the given category?
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