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Crossword: A Grid About Nothing
This quiz isn't as pointless as the title makes it sound.
Middle of the Road
A proper Sporcle quiz.
LogiCrossword: Disney Princesses
This wouldn't be the first time Disney princesses have crossed over.
Bordering Countries Crossword
Can you fill in the crossword with countries, given that any countries that intersect with one another in the crossword must share a border?
Sunday Crossword: Call Me, Maybe?
Can you fill in this crossword whose highlighted entries share a common theme?
Crossword: William's Works
Can you solve this crossword?
Crossword: Golf
Can you solve this crossword?
Crossword: Egyptian Gods
Name the Egyptian gods and goddesses in this crossword.
Crossword: Royal Flush
Can you solve this crossword?
Fruit by Variety
Name the Fruit when given one or two Varieties as a hint.
LogiCrossword: UN Languages
An UN-official language quiz.
Sunday Crossword: All the Stops
Contrary to popular belief, you can stop the feeling.
Crossword: One Direction
Can you solve this crossword?
Take Five
You can take a five minute nap afterwards, we promise.
Roman Numerals Crossword
Can you fill in the Roman numerals for these numbers in the crossword?
Crossword: The Four Seasons
Crossword puzzles are totally in season right now.
Pokémon Mystery Grid
Gotta solve 'em all (the clues that is!)
Books of the New Testament
Can you fill the grid by naming the books of the New Testament?
Isogram Crossword
This grid is one of a kind.
Code Cracker! XXVI
If you can't crack the code, crack it with a hammer.
Missing Word Crossword: Sitcoms
Can you fill in the crossword with words taken from the titles of sitcoms?
5x5 Word Square 1
Can you fill the 5x5 Word Square?
Crossword: Rock Artists by Songs
If we put them all together do we get the ultimate rock artist?
Crossword : 2000's Songs
Can you fill in the missing word of these songs from the 2000s?
Year Crossword Blitz
Can you fill in this 'year crossword' of historical events, in two minutes? See How to Play notes
Intersecting Trivia: Geography
Can you answer these trivia questions about geography which all intersect on this grid of tiles?
Movie Sub-Title Crossword: Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit
Can you fill in the words that complete the sub-titles of all of the movies in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Franchises (without the prepositions)?
Crossword: Dynamic Duos
DC already has The Riddler and Puzzler... so when are they unveiling the new supervillain, Crossword Master?
6x6 Movie Sudoku III
Can you fill in the letters in this 6x6 Sudoku puzzle, when the circled letters show the surname of the movie star pictured inside them?
70s Music Picture Crossword
Can you fill this crossword based on the four pictures showing musicians and bands from the 1970s?
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