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LogiCrossword: Simple Machines
Even though they're simple, we're not going to be having you build any.
Sunday Crossword: Wait...That's No Fun!
Did you think we were here for fun? No. We're here to get you quite cross.
Sunday Crossword: Four-Letter TV Shows
Once you go past five letters, things start getting out of hand.
Historical Figures Grid: John F. Kennedy
Can you fill the grid by naming the facts about John F. Kennedy?
Sunday Crossword: All the Stops
Contrary to popular belief, you can stop the feeling.
Bands Acrostic
Name the Band for the given Musician to reveal another Musician down the middle, then fill in the Band for that Musician at the bottom.
Sunday Crossword: Harry Potter Creatures
'Basilisk' would have been included, but we were scared about turning to stone.
Sunday Crossword: Unabbreviated
We didn't feel like shortening things today.
Sunday Crossword: Call Me, Maybe?
We won't be making any phone calls, mostly because we're busy filling out crosswords.
Sunday Crossword: Paul McCartney
Can you solve this Paul McCartney-themed crossword puzzle?
LogiCrossword: Numbers 1-10 in Spanish
We only know how to ask where the library is. Don't look at us for help.
Sunday Crossword: A Star Wars Story
We actually just turned the script into a puzzle. Don't tell Disney!
Sunday Crossword: 'C' Tom Swifties
Can you fill in the Tom Swifty crossword puzzle with highlighted answers beginning with 'C'? See How to Play.
Sunday Crossword: It's All Greek to Me
*Knowledge of the Greek language not required.
Sunday Crossword: Missing Words
Just don't draw a blank.
Sunday Crossword: Four Houses
Four houses seems a little excessive.
Sunday Crossword: All Mixed Up
Throw some words and ice in a blender, mix it all up, and you'll have yourself a tasty crossword margarita.
Sunday Crossword: Brave the Elements
We're talking about a little more than just earth, fire, wind, and water.
Sunday Crossword: Brad Pitt
It's the handsomest crossword you'll play all year.
Sunday Crossword: Colors of the Rainbow
You'll never get this much color in a newspaper crossword!
Sunday Crossword: Follow Suit
We think this crossword will suit you quite well.
Sunday Crossword: Weather Expressions
So, uh, how's the weather?
Sunday Crossword: Getting Subcategorical!
If Sudoku is for Saturday, then crosswords are for Sunday.
LogiCrossword: Planets
Hint: It helps to know what the planets actually are.
LogiCrossword: Two Word States
Can you fill in the names of the US states that consist of two words with NO letters or hints provided?
Sunday Crossword: Noah's Ark
Gotta catch 'em all? Noah did it. Twice.
4x4 Image Crossword: Musicians
Can you enter the first letter of each musician's surname to solve a 4x4 crossword puzzle?
Sunday Crossword: Actor and Movie
This crossword is going to require you to go deeper.
Sunday Crossword: Golf
Sunday is an ideal time for a round of golf.
Crossword: Beat Around the Bush
Can you 'beat around' these bush genera to complete the crossword?
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