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Types of Cricket 'Ducks'
Name the cricket terms used when a batter is dismissed without scoring.
The Hundred Teams
Name the Hundred Teams.
Sports Balls
Now here's a whole new ball game.
BBC Sports Personality: Cricketers
May be adding a new player to this soon..
A British family quiz - Sport 2
Can you answer these sport questions correctly? See how to play.
Which World Cup?
Can you choose whether each fact corresponds to the FIFA, Rugby, or Cricket World Cup?
Field, Court, or Neither?
We really should just adopt a "universal sportsball area" term.
Cricket Place of Birth
Name the cricket players' place of birth.
Sport by Necklace
We don't mean Olympic medals.
Sports Mini-Minefields
Name the five correct answers in each set, without naming any of the wrong answers.
Sporcle Quiz 10-1 Sports Sorting Gallery
Pick the Sporcle Sports quizzes that belong to each Sporcle Sports subcategory? Please read game note. .
All About The Ashes
What do you know about the highs and lows of Ashes cricket history?
Shameful Sportspeople
Can you pick how each sportsperson cheated?
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Sports
Here's a marathon anyone can finish.
2019 Cricket World Cup Captains
Match the 2019 Cricket World Cup Captains to their teams.
England's 2019 World Cup Winning Squad
Pick the members England's 2019 World Cup Winning Squad.
Find 5 - Cricket World Cup 2019
Can you pick 5 players from each World Cup squad?
2019 Cricket World Cup Captains
Name the 2019 Cricket World Cup Captains.
Quick Pick: Cricket World Cup Team Nicknames
Pick the nickname for each team in the 2019 Cricket World Cup.
Cricket Crossword
Can you fill the Cricket Crossword?
Cricket ODI World Cup Stats
Name the players who lead the given tables in different criteria of Cricket WC.
Top 10 Countries in Men's Sports
Name the countries more frequently included in each sports' male top 10 ranking as of October, 2019.
India Test Cricket XI's 2012-19
Name the India Test Cricket XI's 2012-19.
Trivia Pyramid: Sports
If you need a sports pyramid, cheerleaders are experts in the field.
Pick the 2015 Cricket World Cup Winners
Can you identify the 2015 Cricket World Cup winners?
3000+ Runs for England in ODI Cricket
Name the men who have scored 3000+ runs for England in One Day International Cricket.
County Cricket: Where Do They Play?
Pick the correct location in England (and Wales) for each County Cricket team.
Multiple choice: London trivia (sports)
Can you answer the multiple choice questions about sport in London?
-lphabetized: Cricketers
For each question below, can you name which Cricketer missing its first letter comes in the indicated alphabetical rank listed? (Please see 'How to Play' for instructions)
More or Less (Sports edition)
Name the relationships between these sporting facts.
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