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Mega-Sorting Gallery: Music
In case you're looking for a new way to sort your record collection, this quiz has a few ideas.
5 by 5 Musicians
If we got all these musicians in a room together and had them write a song, we'd probably get the best song ever made.
'Jolene' Lyrics
You get the feeling that if Dolly Parton ever met Jolene on the street, she would punch her square in the nose.
'Take Me Home, Country Roads' Lyrics
This quiz also tests your knowledge of the lyrics to West Virginia's state anthem, so it's like two quizzes in one!
4-Letter Music Artists
We've got 99 problems...and they can all wait till the New Year.
6-Letter Music Artists
Can you provide the 6-letter first names or stage names of these music artists?
Prepositions in Album Titles III
It's okay, you can admit to learning new prepositions while taking this quiz.
Taylor Swift Song Titles in Her Other Songs
Name the Taylor Swift song titles hidden in the lyrics of her other songs.
Word Ladder: Rhinestone Cowboy
Name the words in this Rhinestone Cowboy-themed word ladder.
Quick Pick: Blake Shelton Song Title Endings
Pick the final word in these Blake Shelton song titles.
Missing Word: Songs by Female Country Singers
Name the missing word from these songs by female country singers.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Music II
Make a choice and then cut a rug.
Quick Pick: Gordon Lightfoot Songs
Pick the correct words to complete these Gordon Lightfoot song titles.
Musician Nickname Match-Up
You know you hit it big when you have a nickname for your stage name.
Musical Jumbles II
Anagrams are music to our ears.
Which of the Two... Singers and Bands
It's a sing-off: Sporcle style.
Florida Georgia Line- Sippin' On Fire Lyrics
Name the Florida Georgia Line- Sippin' On Fire Lyrics.
Taylor Swift 'Hey Stephen' Lyrics
Name the lyrics to Taylor Swift's 'Hey Stephen'.
Democrat or Republican Celebrities
Name the Democrat or Republican Celebrities.
Luke Bryan Songs By Opening Lyrics
Pick the Luke Bryan Songs By Opening Lyrics.
20 Famous Country Singers
If you like rhinestones, cowboy hats, and big hair, then this is the quiz for you.
Best Songs (2000s)
Why just take a quiz when you can also help choose the best songs of the decade?!
Missing Word: Country Music Artists
Name the words missing from the names of these country music artists.
The Gambler Clicky-oke
R.I.P. Kenny Rogers (1938-2020)
Taylor Swift Songs About Crying
Name the Taylor Swift Songs About Crying.
Ages Taylor Swift Mentions in Songs
Pick the all the ages Taylor Swift mentions in her songs.
Word Ladder: Where Did He Come From, Where Did He Go?
Can you fill in the three letter words in this word ladder themed around a famed Rednex song?
Taylor Swift Song Lyric Crossword I
Can you fill the Taylor Swift Song Lyric Crossword I?
Cover of Rolling Stone II
Name the artists on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.
Missing Word: Luke Combs
Name the missing words to these Luke Combs songs.
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