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Carrie, Taylor, or Miranda?
Name the Carrie Underwood (C), Taylor Swift (T) & Miranda Lambert (M) songs.
Quick Pick: Luke Bryan Song Title Endings
Pick the final word in these Luke Bryan song titles.
Country Artists With #1 Hits (2000-2009)
Name the Country Artists With #1 Hits (2000-2009).
Florida Georgia Line Songs by opening lyrics
Pick the Florida Georgia Line Songs by opening lyrics.
Lyrics: Garth Brooks - The Dance
Name the lyrics to Garth Brooks' The Dance.
Click the band members: Johnny Cash and the Tennessee 3
Can you correctly click Johnny Cash and the original Tennessee Three?
Prepositions in Album Titles III
It's okay, you can admit to learning new prepositions while taking this quiz.
In Case You Didn't Know Lyrics
Name the lyrics to In Case You Didn't Know by Brett Young.
Word Ladder: 2017 Country-Pop Crossover Hit
Name the 4-letter words in this ladder featuring the artist and title of a 2017 country music song that hit the pop charts.
20 More Famous Country Singers
Name these country music singers.
Country Song Sorting II
Match these songs to the country artist that performed them.
100 Commonest Words in Taylor Swift Songs
Name the Commonest Words in Taylor Swift Songs.
Fill in the Rhyme: Carrie Underwood
Can you finish the Carrie Underwood lyrics by picking the rhyming words that complete them?
Song Title Endings: Country Music
Pick the final word in these country song titles.
Country Music Artists II
Name the country artists shown in this slideshow.
Is That an Album by Taylor Swift?
Pick the albums by Taylor Swift without clicking a decoy.
Wrongly Attributed: 00-10s Feel Good Songs
Can you click the answer that would correct the mistake in each clue? See Game Note.
Country music women of the 80s
Pick the correct country music women of the 1980s.
Zac Brown Band Songs
Name the songs on Zac Brown Band's studio albums.
Carrie Underwood Song to Album Match
Pick the songs by Carrie Underwood to go with the album they were on.
Sam Hunt's Songs on Montevallo
Name the songs on Sam Hunt's album Montevallo.
Carrie Underwood's Vocabulary
You better think before you cheat on this.
Brad Paisley Songs by Lyrics
Name the Brad Paisley songs by their opening lyrics.
Luke Combs - Beautiful Crazy Lyrics
Name the lyrics to Luke Combs' song 'Beautiful Crazy'.
Carrie Underwood songs by opening lyrics (Clickable)
Pick the Carrie Underwood songs by opening lyrics (Clickable).
First Word Country Songs
It's your lucky day! Here's a quiz and some Cash.
Friends in Low Places (A-Z)
Wait, Garth showed up somewhere in boots?!? He's shameless.
Where has Johnny Cash Been?
Name the places that Johnny Cash sings about in 'I've Been Everywhere'.
Missing Word: 'O Brother Where Art Thou' Soundtrack
Fill in the missing words to the songs from the soundtrack of the 2000 film 'O Brother Where Art Thou'.
Best Country Album Grammy
Can you choose the artist who won the grammy when given the year and the album from their Best Country Album win?
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