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Defining 'Dutch'
It's time to go Dutch.
Founders of Empires
Match the names of each of these leaders to the empires they are credited with founding.
Africa Voronoi Map
Render unto Dakar the things which are Dakar's
The Czechia Quiz
Be sure to Czech your answers at the end.
10 Largest European Countries in Order
Advance warning: don't forget about Greenland being part of Denmark.
15 Seconds: Mount Rushmore Presidents
15 seconds? I guess that means you'll have to rush more.
Continental Extremes - Countries by Population Density
Billy Joel loves these countries because they go to extremes.
Where they are more
Pick the country or territory having more inhabitants of given nationality.
Right or Wrong Flag?
Is the flag 'right' if it's correct, but facing left?
Get the Picture: Consonant Capitals
Can you choose whether each capital city begins with a consonant or a vowel?
Erase Africa (A-Z)
The eraser on the back of your pencil probably won't make that much progress.
Geographically Closest European Countries: Vowels
You can ignore the 38 consonant countries entirely.
Go with the Flow: Europe
If you'd never considered arranging a continent into a flow chart before, you definitely will after playing this.
Click the World Cup Winners
Can you find the countries* that have won the World Cup at least once?
4-to-1 Countries by Beginning and Ending Letters II
Well, identifying things by the middle letter doesn't really work out all that well.
International River Borders
Can you pick which two countries are separated by each river?
Top 10 European Languages Blitz
Everybody likes a good Top 10 list.
Hide Africa's Flags (Minefield)
The real nutty trick would be hiding all of the flags under other flags.
Click the 'B' Bordering Countries
The countries in this quiz are everywhere you want to 'B'.
Quick Pick: Retiring Soccer Players
Can you quickly pick the soccer clubs when given the players whose last appearance was at that club?
Timeline of Religion
Can you click the correct year these key events in religious history occured?
Spanish Borders Minefield
The rain in Spain also falls on these countries.
Hidden Neighbors of Kyrgyzstan
Who would want to hide from Kyrgyzstan? Certainly not us!
Get the Picture: Stars or Stripes
Can you determine, given the country, whether the flag is missing its star(s), its stripe(s) or both?
Quick Pick: Cities in Poland
Can you quickly click only the cities in Poland and avoid decoys?
Asia: Are They Neighbors?
You can probably tell some of them by whether or not there's a huge wall in between them.
Tamil Speaking Countries
Considered the oldest living language in the world, Tamil's still not showing its age.
Find the Countries by Their Former Name II
If you can't even find them by their current name, that might make this harder.
Get the Picture: Canada & Australia by Category
Pick the correct country for each of these questions.
Hey, Countries!
This is very different from a quiz about the countries that produce the most hay.
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