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Argentine Borders Minefield
Sounds like a dangerous border if we're looking out for mines.
Countries of the World
No matter how many times you guess it, Narnia is not a real country. You have to let it go.
Nicaragua to Nepal Border Bash With Booby Traps
Pick the bordering countries from Nicaragua to Nepal, using all the countries listed, without making mistakes.
Borders an 'A' Country Minefield
Lucky you! Islands don't matter.
Countries of Europe
In the U.S. some people refer to countries in Europe as the 'old country', but we like to think of them as well-preserved.
European Countries with a 'Y'
If the letter ends up not making any sounds, you may find yourself asking Y.
10 Most Populous Countries in Order
It's going to be tough to get these countries in order, there's just too many people to move around.
6-Letter Geography Challenge
The real challenge is avoiding things with 5 or 7 letters.
Find the Countries of Europe - No Outlines Minefield
Careful with those tiny countries!
Countries of Africa
Who gave Toto the power to bless the rains in Africa? Seems like there should be someone more qualified.
Countries of the World - No Outlines Minefield
Can you find all of the countries of the world without any border outlines and without making a mistake?
Country Trivia Logic Puzzle
If you've played on Sporcle long enough you know there really isn't any logic to geography, but in any case, this quiz is awesome.
Chilean Borders Minefield
Pick the countries which share a border with Chile without making a mistake.
Countries of Asia
There are over 4 billion people in Asia, try not to let them down.
Every club goal that Paul Scholes scored
Can you name every club that Paul Scholes scored against?
Erase Africa by Capital
Because capital quizzes weren't hard enough already.
Flags of the World
Sometimes quizzes are easy, and sometimes they are this one. Enjoy.
Ecuador's Borders Minefield
Pick the countries which share a border with Ecuador without making a mistake.
Borders a 'B' Country Minefield
We just wish this quiz would 'B'-have!
Countries of North America
There are 23 countries in North America, but only one of them contains Sporcle World Headquarters.
Guatemalan Borders Minefield
Pick the countries which share a border with Guatemala without making a mistake.
Ethnic Groups of Spain (Picture Click)
Given an ethnic group of Spain, can you click the appropriate sector of the pie chart?
Countries of South America
With only 12 answers, South America may be the easiest of our continent quizzes to finish.
Stripped Off Flags
Something doesn't look quite right here...
Mexican Borders Minefield
Pick the countries which share a border with Mexico without making a mistake.
Countries of Oceania
If you're looking for lots of salt water and Tasmanian devils, then Oceania is the place for you!
Erase the World
Indulge your inner supervillain and erase the planet.
Spinning Earth II
Can you quickly identify the countries in red?
Guyanese Borders Minefield
Pick the countries which share a border with Guyana without making a mistake.
Europe: Three-Border Countries
Ace this quiz and you'll be the Chairman of the Borders.
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