Continent Quizzes

Alphabetically Adjacent European Countries
Make sure to Czech out this quiz. There's Norway you're going to want to miss it.
10 Least Populous Asian Countries in Order
The least populous countries of the most populous continent.
North American Challenge: Top 4 Countries
South American countries are not welcome here, they're just too Chile.
European Countries Venn Diagram
Perhaps the only place where European borders overlap with one other.
More Vowels European Countries
We can't believe 'Y' wasn't invited to the vowel dance party.
Locate the European Landmarks
This quiz is a much more affordable alternative to an extravagant European vacation.
10 to 1: Asian Cities
If you're ever traveling to Asia and want to meet as many people as possible, these are the places to go.
'N' Countries by Continent
There is Norway you can complete this quiz.
One-Word Countries by First & Last Letter
Forget all about those multi-word countries. It's time for their one-word neighbors to shine.
Geography Grab Bag: Africa
Be careful when reaching into the bag, it might be full of lions.
Fix the Oceania Map
We're putting your knowledge of tiny island countries to the test.
Countries of Asia With No Repeating Vowels
We'll let you repeat this quiz if you don't get 100%.
Click the Time Zone: Africa
The Sahara Desert covers roughly 31 percent of the African continent. More than enough to earn its own time zone.
Countries of Africa Without Outlines
We'd suggest waiting until you get South Africa before trying to find Lesotho.
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