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Crossword: Windows to the World
Can you fill in the answers to this computer-themed crossword?
Alternative Computing Definitions
Don't you hate when your computer mouse gets all squeaky?
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Science
You don't have to hide your love of science around these parts, smarty-pants.
Secret Science Laboratory
Make sure you're wearing all the proper safety equipment before entering this laboratory.
Find the Minecraft Block
Pick the correct Minecraft Block from its image.
Scientific Jumbles II
Can you name things from all realms of Science when given these jumbles?
Video Game Character Rainbow
Somewhere, over the game-bow.
Sporcle Blackout
If you love Sporcle and the internet, you should hate SOPA/PIPA. Please take action today to keep the internet free of censorship.
Gaming Pop-Ups II
Adblock can't save you here.
Multiple Choice Science Slideshow
Don't worry, this quiz won't blind you. At least we're *pretty* sure it won't.
Computer Acronyms
What better way to impress your friends at parties then by rattling off some cool computer lingo.
Most-Followed Artists on Spotify
Name the artists that have the most followers on Spotify when given the thumbnails of their playlists.
Computers in Movies
Let's give Netflix a break and not worry about movies in our computers for once.
Home Computers of the 1980s
It's hip to be square.
Famous Computer Scientists and Pioneers by Image
This Sporcle quiz is brought to you by the people in this Sporcle quiz.
Computer Hardware Parts
Build your own PC in 15 clicks.
Cuphead: King Dice's Minions
Pick the sub-bosses in King Dice's board game in Cuphead.
Java Keywords
We've consumed a lot of coffee, but something tells us the creator of Java drank a lot more.
1 to 100 in Hexadecimal
Everything was going great until we passed 9.
First Five: Science
If only there were some ultra-specific piece of scientific jargon that could describe sets of five objects.
Cuphead: King Dice Minions in Order
Pick the King Dice minions in Cuphead in the order you fight them.
25 Famous Inventors
The inventors who named their inventions after themselves knew how to make sure their names were remembered.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Science
Can you sort the 100 Science items in this 1 to 10 to 1 sorting gallery?
History of Computing Hardware
It's a longer history than one might think!
Quick Pick: Microsoft Office by File Extension
Can you quickly pick the Microsoft Office program given its most associated file extension?
Classic Microsoft Games Slideshow
How many furious clicks on your old-timey computer does it take to get 100% on this quiz?
Clickable Timeline: Social Media Milestones
Can you click the space on the timeline representing the year when each social media milestone occurred?
Click the Cuphead Bosses by Death Screen
Pick the bosses in Cuphead by their Death Screen quotes.
Follow That Onion Headline
Sometimes The Onion is just a little too good at what they do.
Quick Pick: Computer Terms
Pick the missing words in these computer-related phrases.
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