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Corporate Logos: Europe
European style meets the marketplace.
'F' Logos
Despite starting with the letter 'F', these companies are anything but failures.
'D' Logos
These 'D' logos deserve an A+.
Missing Word: Company Slogans III
Name the missing word from each of these company slogans.
Crayola Crayon Colors
Crayola crayon colors have ballooned from the original 8 colors to 120 in their 100+ years of existence. How many of the current 120 can you name? We've provided you with a rough approximation of the visual color as a hint.
Remember These Slogans?
What good is a slogan if you just forget it?
Logos Through the Ages: Adidas
If the shoe fits, play a quiz about it.
Logo Painting
Do we need to paint you a picture?
Logos in 15 Categories
Every Sporcle category deserves a good logo.
Multiple Choice Company Slogans II
Sporcle - It's What's For Dinner
Corporate Logos by Description
How to describe this...well, it's got shapes and colors, and it makes you instantly think of a certain product.
Logos with 'A'
We're all about these A logos.
Three-Word Slogan Match-Up
These slogans are just the right length, not too short, not too long.
Car Logos Close-Up
We'd like to get up close and personal with some of these car models.
World Cities by Starbucks Count
These are the cities you'll want to visit if you're planning on drinking 100 cups of coffee in a day.
Trans-Tasman Get the Picture: Companies
Can you choose whether the given company is headquartered in Australia or New Zealand?
Company From its Simple Logo Explanation
Pick the correct company from its rather basic logo explanation? .
Brand Slogan Synonyms
Pick these brands from synonyms of their slogans? .
Puns at Work II
Some of these jokes need work.
Corporate Logos VIII
Name the companies, products, or organizations from their logos*.
Logos Through the Ages: KFC
This quiz is finger lickin' good.
Logo Shapes
Name the companies or products with these distinctive shapes as logos.
Double Letter Logos II
This quiz will have you oooohing and aaaahing.
Orange Logos
Now we want orange juice.
'X', 'Y', 'Z', and '#' Logos
Name the things starting with 'X', 'Y', 'Z' or a number by their logos.
Name That Fictional Company
Hopefully your place of work doesn't find itself on this list!
'J' Logos
Don't be jealous of these jaunty and jazzy 'J' logos.
'Brand X' Logos
'X' marks the spot.
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