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Marvel Comics: 100 Tiny X-Men
You could fit these mutants in your pocket.
Superman's Powers
Anyone else notice that Superman kind of looks like that Daily Planet reporter, Clark Kent?
Batman vs. Superman
No matter who you like more, they're both still wearing tights.
Comic Book Teams: First 10 Members
These characters started it all.
Marvel Picture Find: The Incredible Hulk
Dare we say this quiz is...incredible?
Marvel Picture Find: X-Men
Awww...One big, happy, mutant family.
DC vs. Marvel: Who Came First?
First impressions last the longest.
Marvel Picture Find: Fantastic Four
Wouldn't it be great if they made a Fantastic Four movie?
Marvel Character Adjectives
I keep waiting for a superhero to have the adjective as Legen...Wait For It...Dary.
'A' Cartoon Characters by Picture
Cartoon characters without a letter can just get right out!
Marvel Comic Movies
It won't be long before some not-so-well known Marvel characters are turned into movies, like the amazing adventures of Sporcle Boy!!
DC Comics: Most Published 1-100
Some of these DC Comics characters get published as much as SproutCM!
TV Characters By Comic Book Show Blitz (Picture Click)
Pick the characters that appeared in the given TV shows which are based on comic books in only 45 seconds.
Marvel, D.C., Both, or Neither
Can you pick whether these actors starred as Marvel, D.C., both or neither characters in films**?
Marvel Characters by Hands
Being a glovemaker for a superhero must be a very nice business indeed.
300 Most Published Marvel Males
Name the 300 Most Published Male Characters of Marvel Comics.
Superhero Receipts
We hope they have a super credit line to pay for some of this stuff.
Superheroes by Browser History
This quiz brings new meaning to the term "World Wide Web."
Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) actors in other movies
Name the movies featuring the following MCU actors? (mentioned here by their character's name).
Marvel 'D' Scramble
Can you unscramble the names of the characters from the Marvel universe that start with the letter 'D'?
What's in a Marvel Name?
How Marvel-ous.
Deadpool's Powers
Can you pick Deadpool's powers from the fakes?
DC Comics 'B' Scramble
Can you unscramble the names of the DC characters that start with the letter 'B'?
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Entertainment II
Well this should be entertaining.
Let's Make Superman's Logo
Wouldn’t this be easier with a sharpie?
Marvel 'B' Scramble
Sadly, there isn't a Marvel member named The Bad Guy.
300 Most Published Marvel Villains
Name the 300 Most Published Marvel Villains.
Which Joker Said It?
Can you choose which Joker actor said each quote?
Comic Strip Dogs
The weird thing is that dogs in comic strips get into trouble much less than dogs in real life.
Marvel 'A' Scramble
Can you unscramble the names of the Marvel characters starting with 'A'?
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