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Zooming In!
Let's take a closer look...
Just For Fun 7-to-1
Cheer up, it's just for fun!
Colours by Shade 7-to-1
Can you match each shade to the colour group in which it belongs?
NBA Players Rainbow
Surprisingly, you won't find former Bucks guard Michael Redd in this quiz.
'Black' Things
It's totally fine to be on this black list.
Secret Country XV
Shhhh.....don't tell anyone!
'White' Things
Don't raise the white flag too early on this one.
Green & ___ Country Flags
Pick the countries with only green and an other color in its national flag.
A Bird on the Flag
A bird on the flag is worth two in the bush?
Sporcle Categorical Literature
Complete the book titles using hints from the 15 Sporcle categories.
'Red' Things
If you don't get them all, try not to go too red in the face.
A Pokémon Predicament
No need to name these Pokémon... just determine whether they're the right color.
Secret Country
Don't worry, planet Earth, your secret is safe with us.
Secret Country V
Can you keep a secret?
Color Logic Puzzle
There are only three colors to think about, we aren't asking you to deal with the whole spectrum!
Rappers Rainbow
Name these rappers arranged in rainbow order.
Secret Country III
Can you keep a secret?
Flag Color Click: Italy
Italy will always have a pizza my heart.
Flag Color Click - Ireland
Pick the parts of the flag of IRELAND for each color.
Pick Which Color?
If you are colorblind, this quiz will sorta suck for you. All apologies.
Soccer Players Rainbow
Name these soccer players arranged in rainbow order.
Mostly Blue Flags
Name the countries that have predominately blue flags.
Black in Literature
Pick the authors who created these various black-themed works of literature.
Secret Country XVII
Can you keep a secret?
Secret Country XVI
It's like a really weird version of hide and seek.
Secret Country VII
If at first you don't succeed, just try the other 196 countries of the world.
Flag Color Click - The Netherlands
Pick the parts of the flag of THE NETHERLANDS for each color.
Flag Color Click: Russia
In glorious Russian Federation, flag salutes you!
Black, White, Green or Brown
This quiz is well-camouflaged.
Secret Country II
Shhh, it's a secret.
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