Color Quizzes

Colorful Musicians (Clickable Matching)
Match the colors to the musician or band names they begin.
Logos Missing Colors
Can you paint the logos by clicking on the correct one for the prompted color?
The Color Quiz
Can you name group the colors belong to by the colors or types of colors in the group?
24 Brown Movie Posters
Brown may not be a super popular color, but it does the job.
Pixel Art - European Flag #1
Type the names of European countries to fill in the pixelated version of one of their flags. Once you know the flag's country, type its name between pound signs (i.e., #Country#) to complete the quiz.
Paint Geometric Shapes
This is like a kindergarten-era nightmare.
Smarties (USA) Flavor Match
Pick the correct color Smarties (USA) when given the flavor.
Colorful Clothing Phrases
Name the common phrases that combine a color and an article of clothing.
Missing Colors Multiple Choice II
Meanwhile, we're still trying to figure out what color that dumb dress was.
Memory Game: Numbers, Colors
Try your luck at some color memory matching.
Color Perception and Optical Illusions
How good is your color perception?
Pink-Themed Trivia
Sometimes, a quiz comes around that just tickles you pink.
Speed Typing: Red
Type carefully, or you'll be seeing....well, you know.
Bob Ross Colors (Clickable)
It isn't possible to make mistakes when taking this quiz--just happy accidents.
16 Shades of Grey
Can you identify 16 shades of grey? (Darkest to lightest)
Colorful Geography!
Can you find these colorful locations?
Song titles with a color and...
Name the song titles which includes both a color and....
Flags: Avoid the Blue
Steer clear of Kazakhstan!
Three Hints of Color.
Name the color with help from the hints.
Build a Mosaic of France
Can you answer the following trivia questions and make a colorful mosaic of mainland France?
30 Second Tincture Click
Hope you've brushed up on your heraldic colors recently!
Word Ladder: Secret Garden
It may be winter, but who says we can't do some gardening?
Colors and Numbers in 4 languages
3 ...2 ...1 ... Go (for Gold)
Colorful Dog Breeds
Pick the correct colors to fill in the blanks for these AKC recognized dog breeds.
'The Technicolor Phase' Colours
Name the colours that Owl City is in the song 'The Technicolor Phase'.
Hair Colors in Spanish in Art History in a Quiz
'Rubias' probablemente no significa lo que piensas ...
Color Confusion Typing Challenge
Can you type either the color stated in the hint (A) or the color of the answer space (B)?
Basic Colors of Light (quizmap)
Can you identify the basic (primary, secondary) colors of light?
Click the color map
Can you click on the area that corresponds to the named color (according to an xkcd survey)?
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