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Miscellaneous Sixes
Hopefully you don't have hexaphobia.
College Football Wins by Decade
It would have taken forever to calculate the BCS on an Abacus.
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz V
Be careful, this quiz is all full of surprises.
Common US College Nicknames (A-Z)
I dunno why, but I really want a basketball team to call themselves the Sporclers.
College Football Top 5 (1951-2010)
It made it much simpler when they just started letting computers decide...right?
Which Mascot?
Determine Whether these NCAA Nicknames are Tigers, Bulldogs, Wildcats, or Neither.
College Sports Logos
How else will you know which seat cushion to buy?
🏀States With 10 Final Fours🏀
Pick the states that have had schools appear in 10 or more Division 1 Men's Basketball FinalFours (Not Including Vacated Games).
All FBS College Football Teams
There are a lot of football teams in the NCAA, and not one is called the Sporclers. For shame.
AP Football #1 Schools
The AP is just full of opinions about these things.
Click the States of College Football Playoff Teams
Can you select the states that have sent at least one college or university to the College Football Playoff?
US Colleges Venn Diagram
We may not have graduated from the Ivy League, but we bet we can climb that ivy faster than those know-it-all college kids.
Are You Smarter Than a College Student? XXVIII
If college taught us anything it was how to get ready in 5 minutes after sleeping through your alarm.
Power 5 Schools Without 'GameDay'
At least these schools have got rocking marching bands.
Hall of Fame QB College Match-Up
Match the NFL Hall of Fame modern era QBs to the college(s) they attended.
Clickable NFL Alma Maters
Just think back to all those times you've watched the Sunday Night Football player introductions.
Are You Smarter Than a College Student? X
We're starting to wonder if we need to go back to college.
Undefeated Regular Seasons Since 2000 (FBS)
A coach leads their team to an undefeated season, and in return they get a Gatorade bath. Seems like a good trade-off.
Places to Send Your Children
You can't have them hanging around your basement all semester.
NBA Alma Maters
I know it's hard to believe, but some people actually go to college seeking an education.
Quick Pick: March Madness Champions by State
Pick the State or District of Columbia, for each school that has won March Madness and does not contain its state's name in its common name.
School's Out!
Depending on where you live, school might not be out and we're only kind of sorry.
Real or Phony Harvard Courses?
College: The best eight to ten years of your life.
NBA & NFL #1 Drafts
Go for the education, stay for the sports!
College by Mascot Name
Pick the college/university when given the name of its mascot.
Quick Pick: US Universities
Pick the state where each university is based.
Are You Smarter Than a College Student? XXX
You've now had 30 tries to figure out if you're smarter than a college student. Spoiler alert: you're not.
Colleges by Famous Athletes III
Coming soon: Colleges by Famous Mathletes
Find the Ivy League States
Hint: Steer clear of the west coast.
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