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Alternative Rock Intros 11 (Clips)
Name the alternative rock song by 10 seconds of its intro.
Anime by Opening
If you'd like to see more anime quizzes on Sporcle, be sure to favorite this quiz.
Movie by Video Clip II: The Sequel
Name the movies by their few second clips... again.
S-P-O-R-C-L-E Music Clip Quiz
Name the artists and their songs that begin with the letters SPORCLE from the clips provided.
100 from the 1980s (Music Clips)
Name the 100 from the 1980s (Music Clips).
Music Clip Challenge
Name that tune...quickly!!!
Which Spice Girl? (clip)
Pick the Spice Girl who's singing in the given clips.
One Direction Song Quiz (Audio)
Name the One Direction song titles from the 6 second audio clip.
4 Second Music Challenge
So good you may have to play it a 'second' time.
'90s TV Theme Songs
This quiz just goes to show that the quality of the show can be directly tied to the jauntiness of its theme.
50 Random Songs 35 (Clips)
Name the 50 Random Songs.
US One Hit Wonders (Audio Quiz)
It's always the two-hit wonders you have to watch out for.
50 Song Music Clip Quiz
After playing this quiz, you won't be able to decide which song you want stuck in your head.
My Next Guest... (Audio)
"And for my next trick, I'll make my next guest... Appear!" Wait...
20 x 4 Clip Quiz: Volume 9
Name the four artists, and twenty of their songs, from the clips provided.
History As We Heard It III
This quiz gives new meaning to an oral history.
Mashups 1
Each clip uses the vocals from one song and the instrumental from another. Name the titles of both of these songs.
5-Letter Songs by Clip
Remember if you are playing this game in class or at work, it might be a good time to put on your headphones.
'60s, '70s, and '80s Hits by Clip
If you need help, just tune to your local classic rock station.
Movie Tidbits from Clips
Face it, sometimes the soundtrack is better than the movie.
Musical by Clip
One singular sensation. Every little step she takes...
British TV Theme Songs
These are the same songs you've been hearing through your neighbours' walls for decades.
Cartoon Opening Themes
You'll be craving a bowl of cereal by the end of this quiz.
TV Theme Challenge
You've probably only heard these a few thousand times.
50 Song Music Clip Quiz II
Singing along to this quiz is guaranteed to confuse friends, family and coworkers.
Music Clip Challenge II
Nothing like having 47 different songs in your head at the same time.
Beatles Songs by Clip 3
Name the Beatles Songs by Clip 3.
Audible Logos
If we were going to copyright a sound, we'd pick the sound people make when they forget to type in Kyrgyzstan on a geography quiz.
20 x 4 Clip Quiz: Volume 1
Name the four artists, and twenty of their songs, from the clips provided.
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