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Classical Piano Pieces by Left Hand Part
Match the clips to their titles when you're only given the left hand part.
60 Years Of 'J, K, Q, U, V, X, Y & Z' Songs (Clips)
Name the 60 Years Of 'J, K, Q, U, V, X, Y & Z' Songs (Clips).
Musical Songs (clips)
Name these songs that feature in musicals.
Mini Clip Quiz 10: Covers of songs from Musicals
These clips are covers of songs from musicals or borrow/sample those songs. Name the title, artist, and the musical the song originates from. Both original and cover titles are accepted if different. Good luck spelling the singer of the last clip.
Name The Artist From One Of Their UK Number 1's
Name The Artist From One Of Their UK Number 1's.
Artists With The Same Name (Clip Quiz)
Each group of songs are by multiple artists performing under (substantially) the same name. Can you name the songs and the artists' shared name?
Better than the Original (Clips)
Name the artists and song titles, of which the cover versions are better (IN MY OPINION) than the originals.
Name That Tune! (50 Song Clips)
Name the songs from the clips.
Bird Songs? (Clip Quiz!)
Pick the bird whose common name appears in either the title of the track played or the artist who is performing that track.
Movie Soundtrack Songs
How come Beethoven never wrote songs for movies?
25 Alliterations, 25 Artists (Clip)
Name the alliterative artists and their songs from the clips.
1990s American TV Theme Songs
For each theme song, can you click the image for the popular 1990s TV show?
Three Pieces, One Composer (Classical Music Clips)
Name the pieces of classical music and their composers by the clips.
'Moon' clips
In celebration of 50 years since man landed on the moon on July 20, 1969, here's 20 songs whose titles have something to do with 'moon'. Name the titles.
8-Bit TV Themes
Name the TV shows and cartoons by the 8-bit renditions of their themes.
Music in Movies (Clips)
Pick the correct movie, song and artist featured in these 10-second clips.
Isn't the next line (kind of) the title? (clips)
Name the songs in the clip, where the next line would be at least part of the title, and all songs have parentheses in the titles? (See comments for more info).
#1 Albums of 2018 (clips)
Name the albums or artists that hit #1 on the Billboard 200 in 2018.
50 Songs That Were B-Sides (Clip)
Name the songs which appeared, either in the UK or US, as B-sides.
Isn't the next line the title OF ANOTHER SONG?
Name the artists of these songs where the title of the latter song is the next words in the former song.
Songs Within Songs
The lyrics at the end of the first clip in each pair happens to be the title of the next clip. Name the *Artist* for each clip.
Guess the Theme XXVIII (Clip Quiz)
Name the songs and artists for each clip and figure out the overarching theme to this quiz? Click How to Play for instructions.
1960s American TV Theme Songs
For each theme song, can you click the image for the popular 1960s TV show?
✺ Songs with Lyrics for the Summer (clips) ✺
Name the following songs that have 'summer' in their lyrics.
VH1's Greatest Songs of the '90s 1-50 (clips)
Name the songs or artists that ranked in the top 50 of VH1's greatest songs of the 1990s.
50 Songs That Weren't Singles - Redux (Clips)
Name the 50 artists by these songs that weren't released as singles in the UK or the US.
Elvis Presley songs by another artist's original record
These songs are often associated with Elvis but he wasn't the first to record them! Name these songs from their original recording. (*) are songs that existed before the earliest recording I could find. Both original and Elvis's song titles are accepted.
Call Me! (But Not That...) - Movie and TV Clips
Name the title of the film or TV show from each of these clips where a character is driven to offer a correction regarding their name (or someone else's).
Rock Radio of the 1980s, Part 2 (clips)
Name the songs that hit #1 on the Billboard Album Rock Tracks chart from 1986-89.
Isn't the next line the title 11? (clips)
Name the songs in the clip, where the next line would be the title.
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