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Music Clip Challenge
Name that tune...quickly!!!
4 Second Music Challenge
So good you may have to play it a 'second' time.
'90s TV Theme Songs
This quiz just goes to show that the quality of the show can be directly tied to the jauntiness of its theme.
TV Theme Challenge
You've probably only heard these a few thousand times.
United State of Pop 2009
It's the rare song that actually gets 25 different songs in your head at the same time.
Music Clip Challenge II
Nothing like having 47 different songs in your head at the same time.
United State of Pop 2008
Generally I am not a fan of most of these bands, but mash em all together and they ain't bad.
Potter Characters by Spellcasting
Go ahead and make Ollivander proud.
5-Letter Songs by Clip
Remember if you are playing this game in class or at work, it might be a good time to put on your headphones.
History As We Heard It
Let me assert my firm belief, that the only thing we have to Sporcle, is Sporcle itself.
Anime by Opening
If you'd like to see more anime quizzes on Sporcle, be sure to favorite this quiz.
Movie Themes
After a while they all start sounding the same to us.
Cartoon Opening Themes
You'll be craving a bowl of cereal by the end of this quiz.
Movie By Trailer
Sometimes the best part of the movie is the trailer.
Audible Logos
If we were going to copyright a sound, we'd pick the sound people make when they forget to type in Kyrgyzstan on a geography quiz.
Commercial Jingles (US)
And now a word from our sponsors...
United State of Pop 2010
We wonder how long until United State of Pop petitions for inclusion in the UN.
Songs of 2005
Surely history will show that 2005 was one of the greatest years for music ever...then again, perhaps not.
History As We Heard It II
Good quiz, sad content.
Video Game Themes
It's fun to load these themes up in your iPod and then pretend you are the characters in the games.
Movie Tidbits from Clips
Face it, sometimes the soundtrack is better than the movie.
One-Second Clip Quiz
The quiz that dares to ask, can one second of music get a song stuck in your head?
Classical Music Clip Challenge
Kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit....
Musical by Clip
One singular sensation. Every little step she takes...
Actor by Clip
Wait, does this mean these actors all need haircuts?
More Cowbell!
Sporcle's got a fever, and the only prescription is...
History As We Heard It III
This quiz gives new meaning to an oral history.
Sound of Musical Instruments
You might find yourself in a bit of treble if you can't identify at least one of these.
Movie by Trailer II
We're pretty sure people in Britain call them lorries.
Celebrities by Voice Over
Allstate. Are you in good hands? (Dennis Haysbert)
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