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Non-English Song Titles (Clip Quiz)
Sprechen Sie Sporclese?
1 Album, 3 Songs #9 (Clips)
Who knew there were albums which had so many hits?
Pop Orchestra
Can't wait for the orchestral version of 'Master Of Puppets'
Jukebox 2014-2015 (Clips)
I can name that tune in 5 notes
3 Songs, 1 Band: 1980s (Clips)
Turn up that volume, and take a trip back to the 1980s.
5 Years of '50 Song Music Clip Quiz'
He's been doing this for a very long time.
Not-So-Weird Clip Quiz...?
Definitely recommend this quiz to everyone whom enjoys good quizzes.
Full Name Song Titles (Clip Quiz)
This quiz is gonna B. Goode
50 Songs from 2000 (clips)
Gonna party like it's just been 1999
Animals Narrated by David Attenborough
'I just wish the world was twice as big and half of it was still unexplored.' - David Attenborough
Alternative Jukebox 2014 (Clips)
He's going to run out of quizzes soon....
In The Family (Clip Quiz)
In the words of Sister Sledge: We're giving love in a family dose
Audio Typing Challenge: Bop It!
Play it! Hear it! Type it! Beat it! Rate it!
50 Songs By 1-Second Clips
One second may not seem like much, but if you keep singing in your head you'll go far.
Intros That Stand Out III (Clips)
3rd installment of my favourite series
Band Quiz (Clips)
A quiz about bands, who'd have thought it?
Lana Del Rey Clips
Stop playing video games and play this quiz instead!
'Moments': hcd199 - A Timeline (Clip Quiz)
Which songs has this clip veteran loved over the years?
Clip Quiz Remix: Easy (50 Songs)
Easy like Sunday morning
Intros That Stand Out (Clips)
The music curators thought this quiz would be an excellent first ever Editor's Pick for ALeafOnTheWind42 and I agree.
Music Please! (clips)
Please play this quiz
1 Album, 3 Songs #8 (Clips)
Interesting mix of albums
50 Songs from 1997 (clips)
50 songs from the year of birth of Project50Songs
Artist by First Top 40 Hit (UK) (Clips)
This is how many artists were introduced in my homeland.
Alternative Jukebox 2011 (Clips)
2011 was year that music peaked, it's never going to be this good again.
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