Music Clip

N64 Music Quiz: 15 seconds
Name the N15 games given a 64-second clip from its soundtrack. Wait...
Jukebox 2003-2004 (Clips)
Music from the year that country music died
Top 50 Favorite Songs
In this game, there is no penalty for clipping
Hot 100 #1s 39: Nov 91-Sep 93
Early 90s music ain't so bad
I've Got a Lotta Time For These Songs (clips)
It's Friday, I'm disappointed with the choices in this quiz
Question Songs (clips)
There is no questioning this quiz!
Let's Hear it for the GIrls Clip Quiz
Let's Hear It For The Girl, Deniece Williams' lesser know song
TV in Song (Clip)
Not as many The Walking Dead songs as I thought
50 Songs: 10 Common Words 3 (Clips)
These songs are all connected with the same words. The words are in 5 songs. You have to name the songs. I picked the songs. The songs will be played.
60 Opening Lyrics #4 (Clip)
Once upon a time...
Songs of the Day (Clips)
Today's song of the day is: The Halloween Theme
✔ Songs To Make You Feel Good (clips) ✔
Celebrate good songs, come on!
Commonest Word Song Titles (Clip Quiz)
You don't need a wide vocabulary for this quiz
Alternative Jukebox 2005 (Clips)
Alternative 2005 without Rock & Roll Queen, Phil, you're fired
Weather Songs (clips)
Weather or not, you want to, you must play this quiz!
Parodied in All the Old Things (Jarrod Alonge)
Telling the truth about Fall Out Boy, they used to be so much better.....
50 Songs: Anti-Word Chain (Clips)
braverobot doesn't know what hit her!
Sporcle Clip Quiz Exam
Should the curator fail these exams?
50 Songs from 1992 (clips)
I don't care if Monday's blue, Tuesday's grey and Wednesday too, Thursday I don't care about you. I hope you know the next lyric, the song's in the quiz.
The Moments of JasonVoorhees (Clips)
Who would have thought that a murderer had a favourite guitar solo?
Songs Within Songs
Copy of a copy of a copy
Lyrical Namechecks (Clip Quiz)
Jessica Simpson, sing the chorus
Olympic Host Cities Named In Song (Clip Quiz)
Try this gold medal winning clip quiz.
100 Song Intro Rapid Fire 6
I love it when challenged are accepted even when they weren't challenged!
Artist and Song by Demo Recording (clips)
Got to love a quiz that shows us the unfinished product
'Break' Songs (clips)
Not many breakup songs out there
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