Clip Quizzes

Easy Music Quiz (Clips)
Nice and easy quiz for you all
'Dream' Clips
If you're tired, don't play this quiz!
50 Songs from 2005 (clips)
Year that we were introduced to Gwen Stefani's solo work.
Sporclers' Favorite Songs of 2016 (Clips)
Just another opportunity to listen to my new favourite song!
Album Click Clip Quiz
I tried something, I hope it works!
Which 1970s Song? (Multiple Choice Clip Quiz)
Multiple Choice and Clip together is better than peanut butter and chocolate.
Celebrity Guests on 'What's My Line?'
If ever a show was in dire need of an updated remake, 'What's My Line?' is it.
This Clip Challenge Is Missing Ya!
Cracking, spending clips, to play follow the link!
Of Monsters and Men (Audio Clips)
50 Song Music Clip Quiz 62
An Editors spelling challenge in the middle!
The ____ songs (clips)
The quiz for you
Song by Music Clip
Cool new quiz idea, songs by music clip!
60 Opening Lyrics (Clip)
These songs had us hooked from the get-go.
2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees (Clips)
Maybe the bands with the most recognized clips should get in.
Non-English Song Titles (Clip Quiz)
Sprechen Sie Sporclese?
1 Album, 3 Songs #9 (Clips)
Who knew there were albums which had so many hits?
Pop Orchestra
Can't wait for the orchestral version of 'Master Of Puppets'
Jukebox 2014-2015 (Clips)
I can name that tune in 5 notes
3 Songs, 1 Band: 1980s (Clips)
Turn up that volume, and take a trip back to the 1980s.
5 Years of '50 Song Music Clip Quiz'
He's been doing this for a very long time.
Not-So-Weird Clip Quiz...?
Definitely recommend this quiz to everyone whom enjoys good quizzes.
Full Name Song Titles (Clip Quiz)
This quiz is gonna B. Goode
50 Songs from 2000 (clips)
Gonna party like it's just been 1999
U.S. Military Branches by Song
Name the U.S. Military branches by their theme songs in this extended tribute to the armed forces.
Animals Narrated by David Attenborough
'I just wish the world was twice as big and half of it was still unexplored.' - David Attenborough
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