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Movie by Video Clip
We'd love to see someone make Sporcle: The Movie, but only if Tom Hanks is available.
Sound of Musical Instruments
You might find yourself in a bit of treble if you can't identify at least one of these.
'90s TV Theme Songs
This quiz just goes to show that the quality of the show can be directly tied to the jauntiness of its theme.
Literary Character by Song
Pick the literary character by a song that relates to him or her? .
Anime by Opening
If you'd like to see more anime quizzes on Sporcle, be sure to favorite this quiz.
Video Game Intros (8-Bit & 16-Bit)
Feeling nostalgic for your old 16-bit console? This quiz is here to help.
Avatar Episodes by Clip
Name the episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender when given brief clips.
50 'R' Songs (Clips)
Name the 50 'R' songs by their featured clip.
Hot 100 #1s 9: Jun 66-Mar 67
Name the songs that topped the Hot 100 based on the following clips.
50 'B' Songs (Clips)
Name the 50 'B' Songs (Clips).
60's Music Without Lyrics
Name the songs from the 60's by the clips that contain no lyrics.
70's Music Without Lyrics 2
Name the songs from the 70's by the clips that contain no lyrics.
United State of Pop 2009
It's the rare song that actually gets 25 different songs in your head at the same time.
70's Music Without Lyrics
Name the 70's Music Without Lyrics.
80's Music Without Lyrics
Name the 80's songs by the clips without lyrics.
Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs (1-100)
Turn up your speakers, because this quiz rocks.
Christmas Movie Montage (clips)
Name the Christmas movies from the clips.
Alternative 1995 (clips)
Name the songs and artists that hit the Alternative top 5 in 1995.
'Hello' Movies
It's pretty clear that Lionel Richie writes the soundtrack of our lives.
Actor by Clip
Wait, does this mean these actors all need haircuts?
Disney Character by Voice
Contrary to popular belief, Disney characters are not usually voiced by real animals.
Potter Characters by Spellcasting
Go ahead and make Ollivander proud.
Anime Song Mashups 4 (Audio)
Each mashup contains a part from an anime song and another song*. Name the title for both songs. For anime songs, the title of the anime is also an acceptable answer.
20th Century Composers Clip Quiz
Name the 20th Century Composers Clip Quiz.
#1 Albums of 1967 (clips)
Name the albums or artists that hit #1 on the Billboard 200 in 1967.
♫ Classical Clip Six-Pack ♫
Name the titles or composers of the classical pieces in these clips? (See How to Play for details.).
Commercial Jingles (US)
And now a word from our sponsors...
What's On My Radio? Part 3: Newer Hits (Clips)
Name the songs by the clips.
Imagine Dragons Song Clips
Name the Imagine Dragons songs from the 10 second clips.
Classical Music Clip Challenge
Kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit....
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