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Rivers or Composers?
Can you navigate the rivers of over 1,000 km in length, without listening to the works of the famous composers?
Composers A to Z by given name
Match the composers listed with given names A through Z (no Q) to their surname.
How Many Piano Sonatas
Pick the How Many Piano Sonatas these composers wrote.
Missing Vaughan Williams Words A-Z
Happy Birthday, Ralph!
12 to 1 Songs by Classical Composers
Pick the classical compositions that each famous composer has made.
Composer by Statue
Name the composers* depicted in these statues and sculptures.
Get the Picture: Russian Composers
Can you choose which Russian composer wrote the following compositions?
Translate the Opera - Queen of the Night Aria
Can you translate the lyrics of the Queen of the Night Aria from Mozart's opera The Magic Flute from German into English?
'A' Composers by Picture
Name these Composers whose surname begins with A.
Find Five: 19th Century Things
You definitely won't find as much crippling student debt, so we ruled one out for you.
Typing Challenge: Ludwig van Beethoven
Can you type these Beethoven-themed words in under a minute?
Famous Composers Buried in Vienna
Name the famous composers buried in Vienna's Central Cemetery (Zentralfriedhof).
Ives Symphony No. 4 Instrumentation
Name the instrumentation for Charles Ives Symphony No. 4.
Composer Clip Match II
Name the title & composer of each clip of music.
Get Out of My Opera!
Can you choose the character who does not belong in the same opera as the other three?
Clickable Tempo Matchup
Pick the appropriate beats per minute for the given Italian tempo marking.
Classical Music Venn Diagram II
Match the work of Classical music to its proper Venn diagram segment.
Blackboard Blitz: Music Notation II
'Blackboard Blitz' has some potential as a decent band name.
Classical Piano Pieces by Left Hand Part
Match the clips to their titles when you're only given the left hand part.
Get the Picture: Does It Have a Keyboard?
For each instrument, can you pick whether it has a keyboard, or is played in some other way?
French Composers
Name the composers pictured bellow.
Composers by 3rd Symphony
Pick the right composers when given clues about their third symphonies.
Venn Composers: The 3 B's
Can you solve this Venn diagram for the 'Three B' composers: J.S.Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms
Classical Composers Timeline
Name the Classical Composers by Times.
Translate the Opera - Nessun Dorma
Can you translate the lyrics to Nessun Dorma, from Puccini's opera Turandot, from Italian into English?
Song Cycle Composers
Name the Composers of these Song Cycles.
First One, Last One: Music
Shockingly, we won't ask you which cut is the deepest.
'L' Composers by Picture
Name these Composers whose surname begins with L.
Russian Composers Name Match
Match the Russian (or Soviet) composer's names.
Mozart Symphony No. 39 Instrumentation
Name the instrumentation for Mozart's Symphony No. 39.
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