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Classical Composers
I understand that Lady Gaga just missed the cut. I could be mistaken.
Criteria Composers 2
Pick the Classical Music Composers that match ALL the given criteria, reducing as you go.
Can you guess the composer name with no vowels?
Can you guess the composer name from just the consonants?
Classical composers
How many famous composers can you name in 5 minutes?
A Sporcler's Guide to the Orchestra
The only thing this quiz is missing is more cowbell!
Clickable Sporcle Quiz Show: Music
We'll take soundtracks for $400.
Multiple Choice Music Slideshow
So many choices, so little time...
Orchestra Instruments
We have to wonder how well an orchestra can conduct electricity.
Tough Choices: Music Edition
The toughest music choice has gotta be what you want to listen to.
Sound of Musical Instruments
You might find yourself in a bit of treble if you can't identify at least one of these.
Quick Pick: Beethoven by the Numbers
Pick the right number of complete Beethoven compositions for each hint.
Forty Groups of Four
Can you identify all four members of the following groups?
Criteria Composers
Pick the Classical Music Composers that match ALL the given criteria, reducing as you go.
Musical Instrument Close-Up
Looking at these instruments close-up doesn't make them any easier to play.
Ultimate Minefield Blitz IV
Can you put the items in their Sporcle categories* before time runs out?
Mozart or No-zart?
There was only one Mozart, and he didn't appreciate being confused for lesser composers.
Name Dropping at the Opera
You better know your foreign languages if you want to drop these names.
100 Greatest Classical Composers (Digital Dream Door)
Name the composers listed in Digital Dream Door's 100 Greatest Classical Composers.
Composer or Mathematician?
Old mathematicians never die; they just lose some of their functions.
Ballets by Picture
Just looking at these pictures will make your toes sore.
Classical Music by Score Fragment
This is not the way we usually keep score on Sporcle.
Classical Guitar Parts
Many hope to learn to play the classical guitar but give up when the rigors and discipline involved prove to be too much. At least now, you can learn all the parts of the guitar and impress your friends at parties!
Famous Composers
Using a loose interpretation of the word, Neil Diamond may be considered a famous composer; however, he is notably absent from this quiz.
Classical Music Clip Challenge
Kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit....
Blackboard Blitz: Composers
Fix the blackboard by erasing (clicking) all the wrong answers to leave only composers.
Missing Classical Elements Multiple Choice
Can you choose whether each of the phrases and titles are missing 'Earth,' Water,' 'Air,' or 'Fire?'
Multiple Choice: Classical Odd One Out
Can you choose the composition that the given composer DID NOT compose?
Composer Nicknames
Can you pick one appellation of each composer? All names in languages other than English are translations.
Musical Words
Remembering the location of Middle C is key to this quiz.
Quick Pick - Composers and their Work
Match the classical composers to one of their best-known works.
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