Classical Quizzes

Odd Man Out: Classical Composer Edition
Can you say which composer in each group is the only one who didn't write the work(s) in the clue?
Quick Pick: Real Composers
Sort the composers from the just plain posers!
Composer Sort
Can you choose the composer who composed or wrote the given piece?
Multiple Choice: Classical Odd One Out
Can you choose the composition that the given composer DID NOT compose?
Most Performed Operas Worldwide
Name the most performed operas worldwide according to Operabase.
Composer Nicknames
Can you pick one appellation of each composer? All names in languages other than English are translations.
Guess the composer! (easy/clip) III
Name the composers of these classical pieces.
Identify the Piano Piece
Can you identify the piano piece?
Musical Symbols Picture Click
This is a classical quiz in the picture click format
Musical Words
Remembering the location of Middle C is key to this quiz.
The Last Word: Operas
Name the missing words from these operas.
Composer Venn Diagram
Can you match each composer to his proper Venn diagram segment?
Guess the composer! (medium/clip) II
Name the composers of these classical pieces.
Missing Word: Tchaikovsky
Can you fill in the blank to complete the works by Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky?
The Odyssey (multiple choice)
Can you answer the multiple choice questions about Homer's Odyssey?
Mozart in Hollywood (Audio Match-Up)
Was Mozart in more than just Amadeus?
Opera Title Duos
Complete the opera titles that form a duo.
German Composers (picture click)
Match the German composers' names to their pictures? .
Quick Pick: Classical Music by Popular Titles
Can you quickly pick the larger works?
Ladies of Classical Music
Can you answer these questions about women of the classical world?
Famous Russians: Author or Composer?
This quiz would be much tougher as a spelling test.
Composers By Country 7-to-1
Can you match each famous composer with the country matching their nationality?
Shakespeare in Music
Shakespeare wants you to "play" this quiz.
Find Classical Composers (Picture Click)
Pick these famous classical composers.
Word Ladder: Classical Music Composer
Name the words in this classical composer themed word ladder.
Tough Choices: Music Edition
The toughest music choice has gotta be what you want to listen to.
Romantic Composers without SPORCLE
How romantic could they be without SPORCLE?
Opera Name Match: Sopranos
Match the first and last names of these soprano opera singers.
Musical Words III
Name the musical words? Singing along is encouraged.*.
Musical Terminology Click II
You can't sing your way out of this one, but it doesn't hurt to try.
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