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Quick Pick: 'City' Movies
Pick the missing words from these movies featuring the word 'City' in the title.
A River Runs Through It (World City - River Matchup)
Match the city to the major river that runs through it.
Quick Pick: Canadian Capitals
Pick the capital cities of Canada's provinces and territories, while avoiding decoys.
States by 'R' Cities
If a bunch of pirates live there you'll have some "arrr" cities.
5-to-1 Bosnia and Herzegovina
Pick the Bosnia Herzegovina related things.
English Counties without Cities
Pick the English Counties without Official Cities.
Get the Picture: Miami or San Francisco in Movies
Can you decide whether these movies are set in Miami or San Francisco?
US States by Largest City (Clickable)
Pick the US states by their largest city? (See game notes.).
Camouflaged Words: Geography
Name the hidden answers that are 'camouflaged' within each string? (See How to Play.).
Llama Font: Countries by Capitals
Name the countries when given their capitals in llama font.
Asia 7-to-1
Sorry, 8. Your services won't be needed in this quiz.
'I' Cities by Picture
We're waiting for Apple to patent them as the "iCity".
Word Ladder: Landlocked Asian Capital and Country
Name the 3-letter words in this geography-themed word ladder.
European Cities at Sunset
We can assume that these photographers were facing West.
Get the Picture: Where's 'E' & 'F' in USA?
Can you choose the correct segment of the contiguous United States for each prompted city starting with 'E' or 'F'?
Quick Pick: World Skylines
Can you quickly pick each world city when given an image of its skyline?
Top 100 Cities in the European Union on a Map
Name the 100 most populous cities in the European Union on a Map.
Quick Pick: Retiring Soccer Players
Can you quickly pick the soccer clubs when given the players whose last appearance was at that club?
Letter Pyramid - North American Capitals
Pyramids aren't just for Egypt. North America has some pretty sweet ones too.
Populous Oceania Armageddon!
It's alright, we'll just shoot a bunch of miners into space, or something.
Quick Pick: Cities in Poland
Can you quickly click only the cities in Poland and avoid decoys?
Find 7 Cities: Black Sea
Hopefully nobody decides to start dyeing the water as a prank.
London Borough Logos
Can you click the London Borough by their Logos?
Ticket to Ride Board (Germany)
Name the cities on the Ticket to Ride board of Germany.
Restated World Cities
This quiz is a favorite of Los Angeles and its resident Slogan Eels.
Capital Cities of Europe by Artistic Skylines
Can you correctly identify these capital cities of Europe by their artistic skyline?
Quick Pick: 'T' Cities
Pick the correct country for each city/town.
South American Capital Cities... By National Flags
Name the South American capital cities when given national flags as hints.
5-to-1 Albania
Pick the 5-to-1 Albania.
Missing Word Map: West Mediterranean
Can you fill in the missing words to these geographical features on the map below?
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