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Cities in Asia Match
Help these cities reunite with their home countries.
U.S. Presidents in World Capitals (Multiple Choice)
Can you choose the world capital these events took place in based on the clues given?
'S' Cities by Picture
These cities are simply spectacular.
Where Is That 'F' City? Blitz (USA)
Seriously... Where is that effing city?
Istanbul (or Constantinople?)
Given a historical event that happened in the city, can you tell if the name of the city at the time was Istanbul or Constantinople? (See How to Play)
Under the Radar Puzzle Hunt
Can you solve the Under the Radar Puzzle Hunt? See the text at the bottom of the game image for instructions!
Europe's Most Visited Cities 2016
Can you name Europe's most internationally visited cities in 2016?
Cities Sorting Gallery IV
Even cities need to be sorted out sometimes.
10 Cities North of Cleveland (Blitz)
Okay, we promise not to make any jokes about the Browns this time.
Mixed Word: Ohio Cities and Towns
Name the towns and cities of Ohio that have been all mixed up.
Click the Capitals: P
Can you properly pick these 'P' places?
'R' in Geography
Don't be Russian through this quiz to finish under the timer.
Largest US Cities beginning with K or L
Name the largest US Cities beginning with a 'K' or an 'L' and over 100,000 population.
Offbeat Demonyms 7 to 1
Given the demonym, identify the city or country where the person is from
Element Toponyms by Borders
Elements, geography, history, pie... this quiz has EVERYTHING!
European Country by Largest L-Z City
Name the European countries by the largest (by population) city/town/district that begins with L through Z?*.
Europe 'N' Cities (Picture Click)
Find these European towns and cities beginning with 'N'
10 to 1: Asian Cities
If you're ever traveling to Asia and want to meet as many people as possible, these are the places to go.
4 to 13 Letter 'B' Places
Betcha wish you had a pet lion by the beach, huh?
U.S. Cities in Spanish
This quiz rocas.
Pick the Capital: Europe
The best part is you don't have to spell any of them.
8-Letter Geography Challenge
You could call these octo-countries, octo-states, and octo-capitals.
Top Ten Pickpocketing Cities
Name the top ten major world cities for being pickpocketed.
Isogram European Capitals
Name the national capitals of Europe with no repeated letters in their names.
Find the 'A' Capitals (Picture Click)
Pick the world capitals that begin with the letter 'A'.
Cities Celebrating New Year's Eve
Bust out the champagne!
Immigrants in German Cities
Name the Immigrants in German Cities.
Fix the Oceania Map
We're putting your knowledge of tiny island countries to the test.
Quick Pick: Six Hours from Paris
Pick the cities that you can get to in under six hours driving from Paris, France (according to google maps).
Top 25 Cities of Ethiopia on a Map
Most people can name at least one of these cities, but can you name 24 others?
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