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New Testament Figures by Heraldry
Name the New Testament characters by their heraldic representations.
Quorum of the 12 Apostles
Name the current members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Quorum of the 12 Apostles.
Exodus Events in Order
We're going on a journey today.
Celebrity Picture Click: Bible Version
When given a book of the Bible, can you correctly click each celebrity it corresponds to? See Game Note for Details.
Bullseye Blitz: Religion!
Bow and arrow sold separately.
Better Than I - Lyrics
Name the lyrics to Better Than I from Joseph: King of Dreams.
Black the Block: Religion
Can you answer each Religion-themed question below to black out the grid and reveal the hidden final answer? (See 'How to Play' for further instructions)
Get the Picture: Living Popes
Frank and Ben! Frank and Ben!
Protestant Denominations
Pick the Protestant Denominations on this list of Christian Denominations.
Rebuild Notre-Dame
Can you answer the questions about Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris to reveal the image and quote?
Trivia Pyramid: Religion & Mythology
Can you climb the pyramid by answering the religious and mythological questions?
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Religion II
Just like with most religions, you can only choose one.
Genesis Events in Order
If you get stuck on this, we Noah guy who can probably help.
Facts of his Life: Pope Francis
Can you choose the correct answer to each clue about Pope Francis?
Sporcle Religion Subcategories
Name the Sporcle Religion Subcategories.
States with 10+ Hindu Temples
Name the US states with 10 or more Hindu temples.
Music... By 14 Other Categories!
Music makes the world go 'round.
Movie Pope Names
Catholicism would be much more popular if you could go to mass in movie theaters.
Draw the Picture: 'Top O' The Morning'
Complete the song 'Top O' the Morning' by Bing Crosby and make the picture appear.
Is It A Real Bible Translation?
Pick the real Bible translations while avoiding all of the fakes.
Click the Reformation Wall, Geneva
♪ All in all it's just another pick in the wall. ♪
Shinto Shrine States
Name the US states with a Shinto Shrine.
Most Popular Saints
The Saint of Popularity is, of course, St. Galinda of Shiz.
We Banned Valentine's Day
Name the countries where celebrating Valentine's Day is a crime.
Catholic Objects and Symbols
This religion quiz is second to nun!
A Tourist's View of Ljubljana - Picture Click
Can you pick each given landmark of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia?
Cathedrals by Interior
Can you find each cathedral described, by clicking on the correct image of its interior?
Saint by Image
Follow them on Insaintgram.
► Type 'n Draw: Piazza dei Miracoli
Can you reveal the drawing by typing the first word of each clue as it appears in this (visual) typing challenge? Note: Start by typing 'Piazza'.
Star, Night, Shepherd or Angels
Can you choose the word that completes each Christmas hymn title?
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