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The Pope's Name Is My Name Too! II
Is the Pope good at sharing? You'd probably want to hope so if you share names.
Lego Religious Structures
Name the religious structures based off the replica made of Lego.
Religion Race VII
Can you quickly click the only available member of each religious subset given?
Complete the Religious Quotes II
This has to qualify as some kind of weekly prayer somewhere.
Timeline of Religion
Can you click the correct year these key events in religious history occured?
Quick Pick 20th Century Popes
Pick the 20th Century Roman Catholic Popes while avoiding the decoys.
Jewish Holidays Minefield Blitz
Can you pick all of the Jewish holidays as quickly as possible without selecting a holiday from any other religion?
Wives of Religious Leaders
Can you choose the husbands of these women?
Six Saints for August (Missing Word)
Name the missing word for these saint days in August.
Here's Looking At You,Jesus.
Who is facing towards Jesus in Leonardo Davinci's 'The Last Supper'
Saintly Places
Pick the correct saint these countries, cities, islands, etc. are named after.
Christian Denominations Venn Diagram
Can you click the most accurate section of the Venn diagram for each Christian denominational family?
Bible Book, Catholic Pope, or Roman God?
Can you choose whether each image represents the name of a book of the Protestant Bible (B), a Catholic Pope (P), or a Roman god or goddess (G)?
Bible Books Buried
Hidden in each sentence are the names of two books from the bible, beginning with the same letter. You must get both to score. Both Old and New Testaments feature.
Religion Honeycomb III
Can you fill in the honeycomb, using the hints and images, to reveal the mystery word? All words are read in a clockwise direction, starting at the arrow linked to each image
First Name Basis: Religion
Pick the first name of each well-known religious figure or leader to satisfy the clues.
3 Popes
Do you know the name of 3 Popes?
Five Inside: Religion
Can you name any of the five answers that fall within each of the religious subsets below?
Go Fish: Bible Books!
Can you click either the given book or '🐠 Go fish! 🐠' depending on whether you 'have' the book?
Bible Book Or Friends Character?
Can you determine whether each name given is a Bible Book (B) or a character from Friends (F)?
Holy Days of Obligation in Order
Pick the Holy Days of Obligation of the Latin Catholic Church in order (beginning on January 1st) without making an error.
One Per Category: Religion
We only need one per category, so it seems like we've got an extra pope here.
Megachurch Leader Matchup
Match the megachurches in column A with its leader(s) in column B.
1/10 of John 14
Can you name one out of every ten words of (KJV) John chapter 14?*
Isaiah 64:8 NIV (Map)
Name the words to Isaiah 64:8 (NIV Version) .
Shia or Sunni Countries
Stop flipping the coin.
Bible Book by Phonetic Name
Pick the book of the Bible when shown its phonetic name.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Religion
Sorting them all into "religion" is cheating. You know it, we know it.
1st Letters: Pope, Apostle, or Deadly Sin
The popes and apostles might take offense at being grouped in with that third one.
'D' in Christianity
Name the 'D' themed answers to these Christian Terms.
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