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Blackboard Blitz: Old Testament
On the seventh day God had finished his work of creation, so he decided to play Sporcle quizzes.
Blackboard Blitz: New Testament
We'd like to think that the Bible was assembled on something a little more sophisticated than a blackboard.
'B' in Religion
Choose the correct 'B' answer
This or That Religious Things (With Pictures)
Can you choose which of the two pictures answers each question?
Religions and Sects A-Z
Name the religions, demoninations, and sects starting with each letter of the alphabet.
In Which Bible Book Did This Happen?
And God said 'Let there be quizzes.'
Religious Buildings of the World
Can you choose the country in which these churches, temples, and other religious buildings are located?
Religious Mugs
Some people drink coffee religiously, so it only makes sense to have a religious mug too.
New Testament Blitz
This might not be the kind of fast the Bible is talking about.
Tough Choices: Religion Edition
Religion isn't an exact science, but that doesn't mean there aren't facts and figures.
Religion by Country of Origin
Some countries have a wide variety of religious history.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Religion
Perhaps St. Peter also holds the keys to getting 100 percent on this quiz.
Speed Religion
This quiz is like a blitz through World Religions class.
Colors of Catholic Liturgical Year
We apologize in advance to any color blind Catholics out there.
Spot the Difference VIII
You'll need eyes like a bird for this one, or at least some really good glasses.
Catholic Countries of Europe
If a person moves from one of these countries to another, does that make them a Roamin' Catholic?
Alive for Five? (Religion Edition)
This is your chance to practice your knowledge of how many people practice religion.
Find the 5 Pillars of Islam
The Five Pillars of Islam are the framework of the Muslim life. Can you name them?
'And The Lord Spoke Unto...' Whom?
Sometimes a deity just starts feeling a little chatty.
World Religions Multiple Choice
Expect this to be mostly questions about the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
Religious Anagrams
There are a lot of religious texts to get mixed up.
Cities by Famous Church
With decor this beautiful, the only thing left to consider is the craftsmanship of the pews.
Where's That House of Worship?
Not to be confused with 'Where's That Warship Housed?'
Spot the Difference VI
You'll need to have laser-sharp eyes to find these differences.
265 Popes. Nearly 2000 years. Sporcle wishes you good luck.
Religions by T-Shirt
Name the religions depicted on each t-shirt.
Five-Letter Biblical Figures
They may only be five letters long, but we're still not sure how to pronounce all these names.
Parts of Religious Buildings
We have faith that you'll be able to get a few of these right.
Could You be a Wise Man?
Name the correctly spelled gifts brought to Jesus by the 3 wise men as mentioned in the bible?
Hell: An A-Z Survival Guide
AC/DC should promote this quiz on their next tour.
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