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Spot the Difference VI
You'll need to have laser-sharp eyes to find these differences.
Spot the Difference VIII
You'll need eyes like a bird for this one, or at least some really good glasses.
265 Popes. Nearly 2000 years. Sporcle wishes you good luck.
Bible-Qur'an Name Dictionary
Pick the Bible (English) form of the name, when given their Qur'an (Arabic) form.
Countries with Most Catholics on a Map
If a Catholic immigrates to a new country, does that make them a Roamin' Catholic?
Pope by Any 3 Letters
Entering 'ius' would be a good place to start.
Simpsons Non-Denominational Quotes
Pick the correct religious word to complete the Simpsons quote.
Clickable Sporcle Quiz Show: Religion
This quiz show is simply divine.
In Which Bible Book Did This Happen?
And God said 'Let there be quizzes.'
A Patron Saint for Everything
Can you pick what these saints are patrons of, when given clues as to why?
Speed Religion
This quiz is like a blitz through World Religions class.
Tough Choices: Religion Edition
Religion isn't an exact science, but that doesn't mean there aren't facts and figures.
Parts of Religious Buildings
Can you pick which type of religious building you would find each part/item in?
World Religions Multiple Choice
Expect this to be mostly questions about the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
Saint or Ain't?
Having good grammar is not a requirement for sainthood. Having a good name? Maybe.
Catholic Mass Blitz
Pick the five parts of the Ordinary of the Mass, in order? (See game note.).
New Testament Blitz
This might not be the kind of fast the Bible is talking about.
Catholic Countries of Europe
If a person moves from one of these countries to another, does that make them a Roamin' Catholic?
Deadly Sins and Virtues Match-Up
This quiz is brought to you by the Roman Catholic Church.
'G' Religion Quiz
Gee, we didn't know as much about religion as we thought.
Religions in Canada
That's me in the corner, that's me in the spotlight losing my religion eh.
🎼 The Lord Is My Shepherd 🎶
Can you type the lyrics to ''The Lord Is My Shepherd''?*
Where's That House of Worship?
Can you click the correct house of worship when given the country that it's in?
Religion by Country of Origin
Some countries have a wide variety of religious history.
Progressively Harder Religions by Symbol
Be sure not to miss the symbolism.
'And The Lord Spoke Unto...' Whom?
Sometimes a deity just starts feeling a little chatty.
Listverse's Top 10 Religous Cults
Pick the Leader associated with each Religious Cult.
Quick Pick: Catholic Terms
Pick the word used in the Catholic Church as described by each definition from the Oxford Dictionary.
Khands (Matching)
Can you match each Khand to the realm it represents?
US News Top Universities Religous Affiliations
Pick the religous affiliation of the top schools from the US News 2014 list.
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