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Genesis Events In Order
Pick the events of the Biblical book of Genesis in order.
Shinto Shrine States
Name the US states with a Shinto Shrine.
Religion without 'Religion'
Name these religions that have had the letters R, E, L, I, G, I, O, and N removed.
Catholic Objects and Symbols
This religion quiz is second to nun!
Bullseye Blitz: Religion!
Can you fill in all 12 bullseyes before time runs out? Answers on interior rings will also fill in the outer rings.
Spot the Difference VI
You'll need to have laser-sharp eyes to find these differences.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Religion
Can you sort the 100 Religion items in this 1 to 10 to 1 sorting gallery?
Spot the Difference VIII
You'll need eyes like a bird for this one, or at least some really good glasses.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Religion
Perhaps St. Peter also holds the keys to getting 100 percent on this quiz.
Speed Religion
This quiz is like a blitz through World Religions class.
Any Book but the Bible's
Even with 66 books, it's hard to believe there could be 150 fakes.
Catholic Countries of Europe
If a person moves from one of these countries to another, does that make them a Roamin' Catholic?
Could You Be a Wise Man?
This is really the only authentic Christmas list.
'B' Religion Quiz
Blessed are these 'B' terms.
265 Popes. Nearly 2000 years. Sporcle wishes you good luck.
Five-Letter Biblical Figures
They may only be five letters long, but we're still not sure how to pronounce all these names.
Most Basilicas per Continent
Plans for a basilica in Antarctica were met with a frosty reception.
World Religions Multiple Choice
Expect this to be mostly questions about the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
Pope by Any 3 Letters
Entering 'ius' would be a good place to start.
Find the 5 Pillars of Islam
The Five Pillars of Islam are the framework of the Muslim life. Can you name them?
Religious Mouse Pads
Name the religions referenced on these mouse pads.
Parts of Religious Buildings
We have faith that you'll be able to get a few of these right.
Blackboard Blitz: Old Testament
On the seventh day God had finished his work of creation, so he decided to play Sporcle quizzes.
Countries with Most Catholics on a Map
If a Catholic immigrates to a new country, does that make them a Roamin' Catholic?
Eastern Orthodox Countries of Europe (Picture Click)
Pick the countries of Europe where a majority (i.e. >50%) of the population is Eastern Orthodox Christian.
LDS Temple Locations
At first I thought this was asking for LSD temples and boy was I confused!
Progressively Harder Religions by Symbol
Be sure not to miss the symbolism.
5 to 1: Religion
Match the religious items to each category.
Blackboard Blitz: New Testament
We'd like to think that the Bible was assembled on something a little more sophisticated than a blackboard.
Jewish Countries of Europe (Picture Click)
Pick the countries of Europe where at least 0.1% of the population is Jewish.
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