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16 Little Christmas Pictograms
Rain + deer = a very wet deer.
Sunday Crossword: Christmas Groups
We know you love crosswords, so here's an early Christmas present.
Rock Your Socks Day Meets Other Holidays
Happy Rock Your Socks Day! Can you see which other holidays these mismatched socks represent?
5 Holiday Fivesomes
Name the five things in each of these holiday-themed fivesomes.
Christmas Bunker
Are there any two words in the English language that inspire the holiday season like Christmas Bunker? We think not.
Finish the Famous Christmas Song Line
Pick the last word to famous lines from these Christmas songs.
Subcategory Acrostic XII
Can you answer each of these clues? The first letter of each clue gives you the subcategory, while the blue letters give you a bonus word!
Intersecting Trivia: Holidays
We'll meet you at the intersection of Holiday St. and Festivity Ave.
Somewhere in the Middle (Holiday)
We just hope you don't get stuck in a middle seat during your holiday travels.
Santa's Reindeer
With a little old driver so lively and quick,
I knew in a moment it must be St. Nick.
More rapid than eagles, his coursers they came,
And he whistled and shouted and called them by name:
Christmas Songs in Emojis
Take a break from your family to sit on your phone this holiday season.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Holiday
It's time to get to celebrating. You've got a lot to do.
Language... By 14 Other Categories!
Don't all quizzes require some language knowledge?
Quick Pick: 10 to 1 Holiday
Match the facts about holidays to the numbers 10 to 1.
5-Star Christmas Songs
All we want for Christmas is for you to play this quiz.
Five Decade Movie Medley XI
Imagine if we mashed 50 years of movies together. That would be confusing.
Holiday 7-to-1
Can you match each Holiday-associated answer to the correct category?
Christmas Lyric Match-Up
Thanksgiving is over, so we'll allow some Christmas music now.
Finish the Christmas Song
For what it is worth, the Finish the Festivus Song quiz was just too darn hard.
Let's Play Quidditch: Holiday
Can you answer the following questions and make your way to the Golden Snitch? (see game notes)
10 to 1: Winter
Trivia is a dish best served cold.
Holiday Dates
We're thinking of pulling a Frank Costanza and making up our own holiday.
Holiday Speed-Picking
The holidays are usually a time to slow down and relax, but it's quite the opposite with this quiz.
Match the Images: Santas!
Match the identical santa images in just 60 seconds.
Odd One Out - Holiday
The holidays are fast approaching!
Right or Wrong Christmas Song?
We hope you find a perfect quiz score in your stocking.
On Which of the 12 Days of Christmas?
Partridges must really like pears.
Obscure Knowledge - All I Want For Christmas Lyrics
With only one attempt, what is the least guessed word of 5 letters or more from the lyrics of Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas you can name? (Stats taken from Sporcle's own 'Name the All I Want For Christmas lyrics' quiz)
Music... By 14 Other Categories!
Music makes the world go 'round.
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