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Obscure Knowledge - Santa's Reindeer
With only one attempt, who is the least well-known of Santa's Reindeer you can name? The less well-known, the more you'll score!
Christmas Baddies
Christmas bad guys are still pretty jolly.
Which Holiday?
Cat puns freak meowt.
Sporcle's Easiest Holiday
Claus you're worth it.
Christmas Sorting Blitz
Here at Sporcle, we think sorting is the best way to make sure everything is where it should be.
Video Game Characters by Christmas List
Pick the Video Game Characters by Christmas List.
Holiday Words in Book Titles
The plots of these books may not get you in the holiday spirit, but their titles sure will.
Winter Holidays Are Everywhere
Pick the things that contain the words 'Christmas,' 'Hanukkah (or Chanukah),' 'New Year,' 'Valentine,' and 'President?'.
Christmas Ransom Note
Santa has been taken! Somebody call Liam Neeson!
Non-Titular Christmas Songs
Carolers are a lot like Sporclers: they offer unsolicited information very loudly and with cheer.
Find the Sporcle Christmas Ornaments
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Sporclers!
Reverse Alphabet: Holiday
Reverse the holidays? The New Year is going to get really confusing!
3-D Holidays
3D glasses are the perfect accessory to complement that ugly holiday sweater of yours.
5-Star Christmas Songs
All we want for Christmas is for you to play this quiz.
Typing Challenge: 100 Christmas Words
Just try not to get any tinsel in your keyboard. It's tricky to get out.
Word Ladder: Christmas Carol
Name the four-letter words in this Christmas carol themed word ladder.
Spot the Difference XXII
Just don't spend too much time trying to figure out what's in the presents under the tree.
A Lord of the Rings Christmas
Ho Ho Ho...Hobbit?
Matching: Items per Holiday
Pick the things from each of the five columns that relate to the same major holiday (*see note*).
Holiday Alphabet Soup
This time of year, the best thing you can do to keep warm is eat a nice bowl of soup.
SNL - A Holiday Gathering (Picture Click)
Pick the cast members or guests dressed as winter and holiday-themed characters on Saturday Night Live.
The 12 Animals of Christmas!
But why the need for all these birds?
Christmas Songs in Emojis
Take a break from your family to sit on your phone this holiday season.
Clickable Christmas Carol: 12 Days of Christmas
This quiz is full of great ideas for the last-minute Christmas shopper.
Quick Pick: Almost-a-Reindeer
Match the definitions to the words that are one letter away from being Santa's reindeer.
Quick Pick: Saint Nick Flicks
Pick the Christmas movie from a brief description of its plot.
Word Ladder: Christmas Songs
Name the four-letter words in this Christmas themed word ladder.
Complete the Christmas Tree
Next year we will have to try this same quiz with a Festivus pole.
Holidays by Wikipedia Sentence
If Wikipedia says it, it must be true.
Twelve Days of Christmas A-Z (Any Word)
When in doubt, just start guessing birds.
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