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Pope per Century
Can you name a Pope per Century?
Religions by Cushion
Name the Religions that inspired these cushions or pillows.
Missing Letter: Biblical Names
One letter can make awl teh diffrence.
Mixed Religious Symbols
Imagine some of the holy shrines and landmarks if these religions blended together.
Quick Pick: Real Bible Characters
Pick the real Bible characters while avoiding the decoys.
Religious Teddy Bears
Pick the Teddy Bears representing each of these religious figures.
Gregorian Chant: Sanctus
I recommend Maurice Durufle's setting of Sanctus as a nice musical pairing for this quiz.
Christianity, Islam, or Judaism?
Can you choose which Abrahamic religion these facts apply to?
Wiki Religion Picture Click
This quiz is so fun you just might be converted.
Which Religion?
Can you choose which Religion is best described by the given item?
Artistic Epiphany
Can you choose the words missing from Matthew 2:1-12 KJB (The Epiphany) illustrated by these works of art?
Books on Religion: The Subtitles
Given the subtitle for each of these religious texts and non-fiction books about religion and spirituality, can you pick its title?
Holidays Found Elsewhere
Holidays show up in the oddest places.
Biblical New Year's Resolutions
Can you select the Biblical people based on their New Year's Resolutions?
Trivia Coloring: Major Abrahamic Religions
Answer every question about the three major Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) and 'paint' their symbols.
Jigsaw Puzzle Crossword: Religion
Can you enter the words of this solved but separated religious-themed crossword puzzle?
Advent Candles Blitz
Can you click the order in which the Advent Candles are lit during Advent?
Religion Speed-Picking
Pick the five things that are from each category in only 2 minutes.
'A' Holiday Quiz
This quiz may be about 'A,' but 'All We Want for Christmas is 'U.'
Santons of Provence
Santons are small nativity scene figurines produced in Provence (southeastern France). They represent traditional nativity characters and various characters from a typical (old) Proven├žal village. Can you name the Santons you can see in this picture*?
Countries - Christianity or Islam?
If you ever need to build an ark, people from either of these religions should Noah guy.
Christmas 7-to-1
Can you match each Christmas answer to the correct category?
Religions Venn Diagram
No knowledge of the Flying Spaghetti Monster required.
'C' Religion Quiz
Name the religious words, terms, or people that begin with 'C'.
Religion Groups Grab Bag
Reach all four hands into our grab bag.
Bible Study: 20 Questions on Exodus
Can you answer the following questions on the Book of Exodus, the second book of the Christian Old Testament?
Christian Countries of Asia
If you ever need an ark, we Noah guy.
What Did I Type? (Bible Books)
Can you deduce the books of the bible based on the keystrokes?
Country by Church building or Cathedral
Name the countries where you'll find these church buildings and cathedrals.
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