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Amish States of America
Pick the states where >.1% of the population is Amish.
Most Populated Countries per Religion
Name the countries that has the most followers for each religions.
🎼 🎄 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing 🎁 🎶
Can you type the lyrics to ''Hark! The Herald Angels Sing''?*
🎼 🎄 O Come, O Come, Emmanuel 🎁 🎶
Can you type the lyrics to ''O Come, O Come, Emmanuel''?*
🎼 🎄 Away in a Manger 🎁 🎶
Can you type the lyrics to ''Away in a Manger''?*
🎼 🎄 Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful 🎁 🎶
Can you type the lyrics to ''Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful''?*
Religions Venn Diagram
No knowledge of the Flying Spaghetti Monster required.
🎼 🎄 We Three Kings of Orient Are 🎁 🎶
Can you type the lyrics to ''We Three Kings of Orient Are''?*
What Biblical People are Thankful For
Can you determine what each Biblical person would be thankful for if they celebrated Thanksgiving?
Manger, Bethlehem, Child or King
Hopefully you know your Christmas songs, or you might find this hymn-possible.
Those 12 Flags: Religious Figures
Pick the flags that correspond to these religious figures? .
🎼 🎄 The First Noel 🎁 🎶
Can you type the lyrics to ''The First Noel''?*
Religious Figures: Who Died First?
Can you choose the religious figure or leader who died first?
🎼 🎄 Do You Hear What I Hear? 🎁 🎶
Can you type the lyrics to ''Do You Hear What I Hear?''?*
Reverse Alphabet: Religion
Can you choose the one correct Religion answer for each letter of the alphabet backwards - from Z to A?
The Ten Commandments
There really should be an 11th commandment about googling Sporcle answers.
Parts of Religious Buildings
We have faith that you'll be able to get a few of these right.
10 to 1: Religious Holidays and Observances
Pick the holidays, holy days, festivals or observances for each religion listed.
🎼 🎄 What Child Is This? 🎁 🎶
Can you type the lyrics to ''What Child Is This?''?*
Biblical Deaths
Match the Biblical person with how they died in the Bible.
3-per Word Ladder: Listen Up!
Can you discover a summary of a Christmas song in this 6-letter word ladder in which THREE letters change between each rung? (See 'How to Play' note)
Religion Caps
Name the religions that inspired these caps.
Christianity, Islam, or Judaism?
No need to face psalm if you get one of these wrong.
Old or New Testament Figures II
How many more years have to pass before we start calling the New Testament old?
🎼 Battle Hymn of the Republic 🎶
Can you type the lyrics to ''Battle Hymn of the Republic''?*
'COEXIST' Symbols (Picture Click)
Match the symbols forming the word 'COEXIST' to the systems of thought that they represent.
🎼 🎄 It Came upon the Midnight Clear 🎁 🎶
Can you type the lyrics to ''It Came upon the Midnight Clear''?*
Trivia Grid Blitz - Bible Books II
Can you type any Bible book that satisfies each square in the table in time and without making a mistake?
🎼 🎄 Once in Royal David's City 🎁 🎶
Can you type the lyrics to ''Once in Royal David's City''?*
World Map of Religions
If you want to take a religious tour of the world, now you know where to go.
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