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Five Most Populous Asian 'Z' Cities
Name the five most populous Asian cities beginning with Z.
Logicrossword Zodiac Animals
Can you fill in the words for the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals?
'L' in Religion
Choose the correct 'L' answer
Language by IKEA Sign
Ironically, none of these signs are in Swedish.
Find the Chinese Zodiac Signs in Vietnamese
Can you find the Chinese zodiac signs when given their name in Vietnamese?
Double Zodiac Crossword
Can you fill in both the twelve signs of the Zodiac and the twelve signs of the Chinese Zodiac? (No other words are present and all signs go top to bottom or left to right.)
China Borders in Alphabetical Order
Name the countries that border China in alphabetical order.
Land Borders of China
Name the land borders of China, starting with Vietnam and going clockwise.
China's Neighboring Countries by Km
Can you name China's neighboring countries by the number of kilometers they share?
Find 7 Cities: China
Click these 7 cities in the People's Republic of China.
China: Provinces and Capitals
Pick the China: Provinces and Capitals.
Reconnect Chinese Provinces
Match the characters to obtain the name of 31 Chinese Provinces*.
Abridged Cities (China)
Name the Chinese cities (population > 3,000,000) with their 1st, 2nd, and last letters removed.
Follow That Line: Crazy Rich Asians
Can you correctly finish the line from the 2018 movie Crazy Rich Asians?
Chapters of Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club
Name the chapter titles of Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club.
Language Groups Grab Bag
We do words good.
Trading partners of Hong Kong (1950)
Name the top ten import and export partners of Hong Kong in 1950.
Ang Lee by Plot Description
Name the Ang Lee film which is about...
East Asian Comic Book Characters
Name the comic book characters of East Asian descent.
'Enter the Dragon' cast
Pick the cast members of the 1973 film 'Enter the Dragon'.
Click the months in Mandarin
Pick the Click the months in Mandarin.
1-10 in Chinese
Name the symbols for the numbers 1-10 in Chinese.
Beijing Every Category
Name the answers for Beijing in every category.
Chinese Car Logos - [Picture Click]
Find the correct Chinese car brand logo to match each description.
Landlocked Chinese Provinces
Name the landlocked Chinese Provinces.
Bruce Lee vs. Jackie Chan
A match-up we'd all pay to see.
Click on the colors in Mandarin - character to color
Pick the Click on the colors in Mandarin - pinyin to color.
Minority Languages by Chinese City
Name the most spoken languages (besides Mandarin) in each of these cities in the People's Republic of China.
Chinese NBA Nicknames
Pick the NBA players given Chinese fans' nicknames for them.
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