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Literature on British Stamps
Name the authors or books represented by these British postage stamps.
Quick Pick: 'E' Word Children's Books
Pick the correct 'E' word to complete the title of each children's book.
Hermione Granger, This Is Your Life
It's a life spent largely in the library.
The Grinch's Change of Heart
Wishing all Sporclers a grinchy Christmas in the best way possible.
Christmas Stories by Short Description
Pick these classic Christmas, New Year's or Winter themed stories by a short synopsis.
A Series of Unfortunate Events Book Openings
Each slide shows the first illustration and first page from an A Series of Unfortunate Events novel. Can you name the novels from the images provided?
Literary Character Autobiographies
We'd pay to read Willy Wonka's memoirs.
This or That: Literary Cats
Who taught this cat how to read?
Who Wrote That 'E' Book?
Just because it's an 'E' book doesn't mean it's also an e-book.
Get the Picture: Harry Potter 1 - Book or Film?
Can you choose whether each event from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone occurred only in the book or only in the film?
Dr. Seuss Rhyme Time
Play this quiz,
it's great fun, you'll see.
Its clever rhymed titles
shall fill you with glee!
The Mitten - by Jan Brett
Can you choose the order in which the animals crawled into Nicki's mitten?
Ron Weasley, This Is Your Life
Let's all remind him that he's still not the chosen one.
Write on Charlotte's Web!
Is this not technically vandalism?
Missing Word: Anne Shirley Quotes
Pick the missing word in each of these quotes by Anne Shirley, heroine of 'Anne of Green Gables'.
Chronicles of Narnia or His Dark Materials Title Words
Can you choose if the given word is in the title of a book from The Chronicles of Narnia series or His Dark Materials series?
Dr. Seuss by Any 3 Letters
Technically in "Seuss" there are 3 letters.
Who Wrote That 'D' Book?
We can be pretty sure Tom Hanks didn't write it, at least.
What Does Sunny Baudelaire Mean?
She says "Glak!" which probably means something like "It's perfectly clear what I mean!"
Judy Blume - Plotline
Pick the Judy Blume - Plotline.
Rubeus Hagrid, This Is Your Life
We're trying to put his biography together here.
Little Critter Books by Mercer Mayer
Just you and your Sporcle quiz.
Roald Dahl Child Character Names
Can you correctly pick which of the following are first names of child characters from Roald Dahl books while avoiding those that aren't?
Nursery Rhyme Excerpts: Find the Title
Pick the Nursery Rhyme titles based on these brief excerpts.
Make Way for Ducklings
This looks like a lovely spot to raise ducklings.
Animals of Farthing Wood Characters (Picture Click)
Can you find the Animals of Farthing Wood characters in the image below, when given their (highly imaginative) names?
Children's Books by Country
Can you find the countries that these children's books are set in?
Who Was?: History
Today we learned that people had really big heads back in the day.
4 Gaming Foursomes
Good thing online connectivity lets you get a party of 4 pretty easily.
Books by Embroidery
It would probably be really hard to fit the entire text of these books onto an embroidery.
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