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Narnian Creatures Books Picture Click
Pick the creatures of Narnia.
Harry Potter Spells by Phonetic Name
Pick the Harry Potter spells when shown its phonetic name.
Historical People in Comic Books Part 2
Name the Historical People in these Japanese Biography Manga Series for Children.
Sporcle's Easiest Harry Potter
Can you name Sporcle's easiest Harry Potter answers for each category?
Harry Potter's Europe on a Map
Which European countries are mentioned in the Harry Potter novels?
Click Me Five: Books
Can you click the five books that fit each clue?
Fictional Ships in Literature
Can you find the books in which these ships appeared?
Pixel Portrait: Harry Potter
Can you answer these Harry Potter trivia questions?
From the creators of the Gruffalo...
Name the Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler books.
Find Five: Kids' Lit
Do kids still read? Does anybody really still read anymore? Are you actually reading this text here?
Harry Potter Character Trios
Can you match each group of three Harry Potter characters with their shared characteristic?
Children's Book Character Blitz
Most people can blitz through the reading of children's books pretty quickly.
Harry Potter or Dr. Seuss?
Well, here's some nostalgia for you.
Blurry Books
Name the books that have been made blurry.
On A Map: European Culture
Which European country produced each artwork, literary classic and pop song?
Can You Enter This Fictional Place?
Do you meet the 5 requirements to enter any of these fictional places?
Anne of Green Broadway
Pick the word missing from the Broadway song and the Anne of Green Gables quote.
Get the Picture: Harry Potter 2 - Book or Film?
Can you choose whether each event from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets occurred only in the book or only in the film?
Draco Malfoy, This Is Your Life
Play this quiz, or our father is going to hear about this!
The Collected Works of Clive Staples Hergé
People and places from the Chronicles of Narnia have slipped into stories from The Adventures of Tintin, causing chaos. Can you match the mashed-up titles to their plotlines?
Last 3 Letter Pairs: Harry Potter Characters
Name the most mentioned Harry Potter characters that share the last three letters of their surnames (or given names if no surname is known) with exactly one other character.
Finish the Dr. Seuss Books
Honestly we could just make a Dr. Seuss dictionary.
Potter Character Crossword... With a Twist
Can you fill in this themed crossword where each character's name is represented by one of its alternate meanings*? Then, unscramble the letters in bubbles to finish the Harry Potter joke!
Animals Hidden in Books
You don't have to take it so literally, cat.
Alice in Wonderland Opening Words
Can you pick opening words of Alice in Wonderland?
Historical People in Comic Books
Name the Historical People in these Japanese Biography Manga Series for Children.
Missing Word: Dr. Seuss Books (A-Z)
Can you provide the words missing from each of these Dr. Seuss's book titles?
Literature on British Stamps
Name the authors or books represented by these British postage stamps.
Quick Pick: 'E' Word Children's Books
Pick the correct 'E' word to complete the title of each children's book.
Literary Characters in Graphic Novels
Can you identify the literary characters in these official graphic adaptations of classic novels?
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