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Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: Children's Books
Can you sort the terms related to children's books into their categories before time runs out?
Get the Picture: Jack or Jill
Can you choose whether each clue refers to a 'Jack' or a 'Jill'?
Through the Looking-Glass
Pick the opening words of Through the Looking-Glass And What Alice Found There.
Harry Potter: Magical Objects for Muggles
Pick the magical objects by the description of the muggle counterparts.
Neville Longbottom, This Is Your Life
“I'm worth twelve of you, Malfoy.”
Colorful Children's Literature
Well how else are books going to get our attention if not through pretty colors?
Dr. Seuss Characters Crossword
Can you fill in the Dr. Seuss characters in this crossword puzzle?
Typing Challenge: 50 Top Selling Authors Ever
Complete the typing challenge: 50 Top Selling Authors Ever.
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Start to Finish
Pick the events from 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' (Book 2 in 'The Chronicles of Narnia') in the order they occurred.
LogiCrossword: Narnia Children
Can you fill in the names of the four Pevensie children from 'The Chronicles of Narnia' with NO letters or hints provided?
Get the Picture: Tintin or Rin Tin Tin
Can you correctly pick if either Tintin or Rin Tin Tin meet the following criteria?
Complete the Harry Potter Chapter... With a Picture
We're pretty sure J.K. Rowling already completed all of those chapters, right?
Children's Books: Spot the Sibling
Can you match each character with one of their siblings?
One Per Category: Literature
How jam packed are your bookshelves?
Get the Picture: Trunchbull or Umbridge?
Can you choose which notorious headmistress from children's fiction fits the given clue?
Literary Children Sorting Gallery
Pick the first names of 35 literary children (and 1 dog) for each category.
Who Wrote That 'G' Book?
We feel like Graham Greene should be a valid answer for all of these.
Sunday Crossword: Six-Letter Harry Potter
Complete this themed Crossword puzzle.
First One, Last One: Literature
No need to worry about any of the middle ones.
Dr. Seuss Typing Challenge
Name the Dr. Seuss-related words in this progressively tougher typing challenge.
Missing Word Rhyme Match: Children's Books
Match the Children's Books whose missing words rhyme.
Green The Grid Blitz: Literature
Name the literature terms hidden below in order to green the grid.
Literature Maths
Can you use knowledge of literature to solve maths problems?
Who Was? Books: Scientists
Name the scientist depicted on the cover of each book in the 'Who Was?' series.
Ginny Weasley, This Is Your Life
It's a life that involves a lot of brothers.
Missing Word: Little Women Chapter Titles
Pick the word that completes these chapter titles from Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.
The Magic School Bus (Season 1)
Can you click the correct Season 1 episodes of The Magic School Bus by their description?
Author Phonetic Name Match
Their books would be much harder to read if they were all written in the international phonetic alphabet.
Pick the Real Asterix Titles
Complete the real titles of the Asterix books, each starting with the word 'Asterix...'.
Let's Draw Camp Half Blood
Can you draw Camp Half Blood by answering trivia?
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