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Quick Pick: Just So Stories
Pick the words missing from the titles of Rudyard Kipling's 'Just So Stories'.
Eliminate Your Options: Literature Edition
Can you choose the one answer left over AFTER eliminating the other choices via clues?
Missing Word: Caldecott Medal Winners
Name the missing word from the titles of these Caldecott Medal winning books.
Diagon Alley Apparition Race
Don't take a wrong turn or you might find yourself in Knockturn Alley.
Hogwarts Herbology Exam
If you have any questions, just ask Neville.
Hogwarts Care of Magical Creatures Exam
Now you'll know what to do when you find all those fantastic beasts.
The Harry Potter 'Periodic Table'
If you make it through this entire quiz without breaking a sweat, you really must be an insufferable know-it-all.
Hogwarts History of Magic Exam
On Sporcle you can pass your O.W.L.s without needing to endure Professor Binns.
Quick Pick: Literary Couples
Match these literary couples.
Oh, the Places Dr. Seuss' Books Have Gone.
Match the Dr. Seuss book, with the setting the story takes place in.
Harry Potter Top 40 Spells
Get ready for a different sort of spelling bee.
Harry Potter Books by Line
Enough Harry Potter puns already. We're Sirius.
Kpop Song or Children's Book?
In some places it's called Kpop, but in others places it's Ksoda.
Hogwarts Transfiguration Exam
You may need some sheer dumb luck to get an O on this exam.
Hogwarts Charms Exam
Technically this is an exam, but charms are a heck of a lot more fun than math.
'13 Reasons Why' Characters by Picture
20 characters, 13 reasons, 1 quiz.
Children's Literature by Paper Doll
Paper dolls are just tearable.
Hogwarts Quidditch Exam
See if you can make it a clean sweep of the answers on this quiz.
Hogwarts Defense Against the Dark Arts Exam
With the teacher turnover in this class, it's a wonder if you'll remember anything.
Lost for Words: Literary Characters
This quiz about books contains no words whatsoever.
Books in Russian
Name the book titles by their Russian covers.
Literature by Definition: Dr. Seuss
Don't worry, you don't need to define 'Wocket' or 'Oobleck.'
'The Hobbit' Dwarves
Possibly the second most famous band of dwarves out there, how well do you know the little guys who accompanied Bilbo?
Complete the Children's Book... With a Picture
Children's books are mostly pictures anyway.
9 Fictional British Characters
You have to imagine this quiz with an accent.
Hogwarts Divination Exam
Grab your copy of 'Unfogging the Future' to help you, though surely you know what the answers will be already.
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Can you answer these questions about the novel 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'?
Complete the Book Title... With a Picture
Here is proof that every book would be better with pictures.
Harry Potter: Google Translated
Pick the Harry Potter book whose title has been translated through 6 layers of Google Translate.
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