Children's Books Quizzes

3-D Literature II
No funny-looking glasses required.
Children's Literature by Paper Doll
Name the children's story (book series, nursery rhyme, fairy tale etc.) represented in these paper dolls.
Diagon Alley Apparition Race
Don't take a wrong turn or you might find yourself in Knockturn Alley.
Children's Books in Latin
Lude hunc ludum!
Simpsons Literal Literature
We have a hard time believing that most of these characters spend their free time reading.
'A Series of Unfortunate Events' Covers
If you ever feel down, just remember that at least you don't have it as bad as the Baudelaire children.
Author by Cufflinks
Name the authors whose works are depicted or represented on these cufflinks.
A Series of Unfortunate Events: Character Chain
Pick the characters in the order they are connected from ASOUE.
Follow That Line: The Little Prince
What is essential is invisible to the eye. Hopefully, the correct answers will not be invisible to yours.
Literature Checkpoints
A checkpoint....a all moves the plot along.
Match the Roald Dahl Title Characters
Pick the correct titular character to complete these Roald Dahl novel titles.
First 200 Words: How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Be careful, the Grinch is coming to steal Christmas this year too...
Missing Word: Nancy Drew Books
Name the missing word from these Nancy Drew novels.
Sets of Four - Diana Wynne Jones
Name the sets of four in the books of Diana Wynne Jones.
Famous Five Missing Word
Name the words missing from the titles of Enid Blyton's Famous Five series.
Kpop Song or Children's Book?
In some places it's called Kpop in other places it is is Ksoda
Dr. Seuss Book Title Animals
Name animal species appearing in the titles of books written by Dr. Seuss.
How to Recognize a Witch
If you're thinking we should weigh her against a duck, you've got the wrong British fiction in mind.
Nursery Rhymes: Odd One Out
We just want to know why so many nursery rhymes are violent.
Quick Pick: Just So Stories
Pick the words missing from the titles of Rudyard Kipling's 'Just So Stories'.
Harry Potter-Narnia Mismatched Titles
Let's meet Harry Pevensie and Lucy Potter...
Hogwarts Care of Magical Creatures Exam
Now you'll know what to do when you find all those fantastic beasts.
Dr. Seuss Books by Cover
We'll be honest, if some dude named Sam-I-Am followed us around and tried to force us to eat discolored food, we'd be wary to try it too.
Literary Benches
Name the books, series or authors represented by these benches.
'Alice in Wonderland' First 200 Words
Why, sometimes we've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.
Quick Pick: Beatrix Potter or not?
Pick the works of Beatrix Potter and avoid the (genuine) titles of works by other people.
Taylor Swift or Goosebumps?
Can You Pick If The Quote Is From a Taylor Swift Song (T) or a Goosebumps Book (G)?
Goosebumps Titles per Letter
Can you name a Goosebumps book title (from the original series) that starts with each of these letters?
Who Tweeted Whom: Dr. Seuss
Can you name the Dr. Seuss characters that are being tweeted?
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