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Scientists by Biography Title
Some men just want to watch the world learn.
Atomic Structure OCR
If at first you don't may need to repeat chemistry...
The Changing Atom OCR
Time to review and refresh!
Subcategory Sort: Biology, Chemistry, or Physics
Can you sort the terms into the correct group within the correct subcategory?
Quick Pick: Measuring Chemicals
Can you find the intensive properties in the selection below? A substance's intensive properties remain constant regardless of the amount of substance present.
Names of a Dangerous Chemical
It may be in your backyard, your home, even your body!
Lewis Diagrams and Names
A few times playing this quiz may teach you something new!
Let's not get elementary here, that would be childish.
Equation Matching: Chemistry
Did you pay careful attention in chemistry?
A 'Ton' of Science
Pick the correct definition for each of these science terms that end in '-ton'.
Geographical Element Mining: The Only Two Countries
Note that not all these elements can be mined for in these countries...
Know your alcohol
If you choose to drink some of these, you truly will need the force to be with you...
Chemistry Definitions: Atomic Structure
Match the definitions to the atomic structure and the periodic table related term which best matches it.
Metal Alloys: By Any Other Name
Many of these alloys are brought to you by workers around the world. A thought for May Day!
Get the Picture: pH Scale
Can you determine whether the pH of each item would turn litmus paper red (acidic) or blue (alkaline)?
Gas Liquid or Solid
Even if you are guessing, you have a greater than 30% chance of guessing right!
States of Matter Consonants
This quiz really does matter.
First One - Last One (Science)
Name the first and last.
Chemical haikus
Name the chemicals described by each haiku.
Scientists Venn Diagram
Hopefully they haven't blinded you with science!
Elements in Spanish
Science is a universal language.
60 Second Molecule: Caffeine
Happy 4/20! Enjoy some caffeine with your...celebrations!
Letter Grid: Elements
Spelling counts!
Venn Diagram - Famous Chemists
Now can you name their individual contributions as well...
Not in a Simple Compound
Pick the element that is not part of these compounds.
Chemistry by Hink Pinks: II
Makes you think, these hink pinks...
'P' in Natural Sciences
If you like science and the letter 'P', then enjoy this puma preparing to pounce on its prey.
Geography in Chemistry
Where in the world are these elements named after?
5 to 1: Elements
What probably won’t help you here is the element of surprise.
Elements in French
Les élémens
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