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Mega-Sorting Gallery: History
Can you sort the 100 History items in this 1 to 10 to 1 sorting gallery?
Five Century Sorting Gallery
We're pretty sure more than five major events occurred in each century.
War Bunker
An army of octopuses would be the most well-armed around.
20th Century by Image
Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it...unless they decide not to click the 'Play again' link.
The Struggle Is Real - Scientists
Radiation poisoning, accusations of heresy - being a scientist is rough business.
Ancient History Bunker
Be a conqueror, Sporcle-style.
Which 20th Century Decade? II
How well do you know the last century?
20th Century Science Match-Up
Who was the guy who invented flying cars again?
159 Most Common Movie Title Words
If you put these all together, it would probably form a movie starring Nicolas Cage.
Where Did It Happen? (20th Century)
For those that like a little geography with their history.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: History
You might not be a history buff, but at least you have a 1-in-4 chance.
20th Century History in Motion
It's like you were right there.
100 Years of Movie Stars
The movie marathon of a lifetime.
Where Did It Happen? (21st Century)
You know when they happened, but do you know where?
Famous From the 19th Century
A quiz about the 19th century? We hear they didn't even have the Internet back then.
20th Century Events by Lego II
Putting together the building blocks of history.
19th Century Europeans' Name Match
It's safe to say a few big things happened in 19th century Europe.
16th Century Names Match-Up
These names stood the test of time through more than a few centuries.
Which 20th Century Decade?
The 21st century need not apply.
History... By Other 14 Categories!
Would you call a snake who studies past events a...Hissssstorian?
The 3rd thing you need to know: 19th Century Inventions
Pick the things that were invented in the 19th century by the third sentence in their Wikipedia article.
Former Countries' Borders
Name the former neighbors if Europe for it.
Overshadowed Events
Do you know the answers to these without a shadow of a doubt?
Find the van Gogh Paintings
Someday Nintendo will make his work a runaway game for your mobile phone called Pokémon Gogh.
Centuries of Literature Minefield
Whether old or new, books can really transport you to a different realm.
Did They Live in the 19th Century?
The 19th century is what we like to refer to as the 'golden age of muttonchops'.
19th Century Match-Up
If you don't know much about the 19th century, this quiz will give you some parts to put together.
20th Century Match-Up
With these names and places, you'll be able to piece together a good part of the 20th century.
Famous 20th Century Quotes
The most important part of saying a great quote, is to make sure someone is listening.
'R' in History
Curiously, there are no questions about pirates.
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