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19th Century British Monarchs (Clickable)
Pick the British monarchs who reigned during the nineteenth century.
Flags of the World (1885)
Name the Flags of the World from 1885.
20th Century Americans Occupation Matchup
Match these Americans who became famous in the 20th Century with the occupation or profession for which they were best known.
Hitler, Stalin, Castro, or Mao?
You're excused if you'd prefer to select 'none of the above.'
Word Ladder: Everyone to the Yukon!
Name the 4-letter words in this themed ladder.
⊖ 20th Century President Safecracker ⊖
Name the 20th century presidential surnames to crack the four locks.
20th Century History: August
Crazy things can happen when it gets too hot.
21st Century UK Prime Ministers
As opposed to Composite Ministers.
5 by 5 Scientists by Century
500 years of science!
Famous Faces from the 1600s
Match the famous people from the 1600s with their portraits.
'Slinky' Chain: Historical Lifespans
Pick the correct portion of this pseudo-Venn diagram for each historical figure's lifespan? Please see How to Play notes..
20 Centuries, 20 Questions: 15th Century
What do you know about the 15th Century AD?
Which Century? - US Presidents' Deaths
Can you correctly pick the century that each US president died in?
100 Years of Musicians
Because 101 would just be ridiculous.
100 Years In the South
Can you choose the state that was one of the Confederate States where each event took place between April 9, 1865 and April 9,1965?
100 Years of Movies Based on Books
You'd think they would run out of books.
History in Color II
We think you'll pass this quiz with flying colors.
A Categorically 19th Century Quiz
Pick the the 19th Century facts by Sporcle category.
Three Forties Decades
We're not just talking 1940s.
20th Century History: June
You thought we you were done with history quizzes, didn't you?
17th Century Click-in-the-Blank
Technically, you're clicking what goes in the blank, not inside of the blank itself.
20th Century History in Graphs
100 years of history condensed nicely into math.
Century by Artist and Author
Pick the century in which each artist and author pair lived.
Find the Dalí Paintings
Surrealist art is an adventure, enjoy the existential dread.
English History Through the Centuries
Can you answer the question about English history for each given century?
20th Century Wars in Order
Here's one of those times memorizing all those dates in high school will actually help.
Olympic City Pairs through a Century
Match the Olympic host cities with the one a hundred years later.
10 to 1: 2018 Historical Anniversaries
Pick the (historical) events that celebrated their anniversary in 2018.
20th Century History: May
Just to be clear, the month of May existed in other centuries as well.
Top 25 Baby Names in Movies: Girls
Did "Hermione" make the cut?
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