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Click the 19th Century Person
Pick the Famous 19th Century Person.
21st Century Oceanian Leaders
Can you identify the following 21st century Oceanian leaders pictured below?
Quick Pick: 15th Century Authors
Pick the creators of these works printed in the 15th century.
19th Century Female Authors
Can you find the 19th century writers?
Trials of the 20th Century
Can you click on the famous trials of the 20th Century?
► Art Periods and Movements by Major Artists/Works
Pick the correct Art Period or Movement when given some of the period's major Artists and/or Works.
21st Century South American Leaders
Can you identify the following 21st century South American leaders pictured below?
Pope per Century
Can you name a Pope per Century?
Offbeat Mascots 7-to-1
Given the origin story* for these Division I mascots, can you identify the institution and mascot?
North America through the Centuries
Pick the century in which the following North American events occurred.
18th Century Rulers
Name the country given 3 of its rulers.
Nationalities of 20th Century Historical Figures
Pick the nationality of each 20th century historical figure.
20th century deaths by year (2)
Pick the correct year the following people died in.
21st Century UK Prime Ministers (Clickable)
Pick the Prime Ministers of the U.K. who served during the twenty-first century.
South American Country by 21st Century Event
Pick the South American country in which each of these 21st century events occurred.
20th Century Leaders through the Decades
Can you name at least one person who held each office listed for each decade of the 20th century?
History of the World by Television Shows
Can you click on the television series in the order in which they take place, starting with the earliest?
Click the 16th/17th Century Person
Pick the Famous 16th/17th Century Person.
19th Century Or Not?
Pick the events which occurred in the 19th Century while avoiding events which occurred before 1801 or after 1899.
European History Figures by Century
Can you identify five European historical figures who correspond to each century?
Alive in the 13th century (Quick Pick)
Can you pick which of these famous people were alive at any point between AD 1201 and AD 1300?
British 20th Century Prime Ministers A-Z
Name the 20th Century British Prime Ministers for each of these given letters.
Fantasy Dinner Party: 20th Century Influential Men
Name these ten influential men of the 20th Century gathered at this fantasy dinner party (as prompted by orange indicators on the map).
20th Century British Monarchs Click
Pick the correct 20th century British monarch.
Born in the 15th Century
Pick the historical figures who were born in the 15th century.
Born in the 16th century
Pick the names of the historical figures who were born in the 16th century.
20th Century Presidents & Vice Presidents A-Z
Can you name any 20th Century U.S. President or Vice President for each letter?
Centuries by people (clickable)
Pick the right centuries by the significant people who only lived within the century.
Great American Speeches
Name the speaker of these 100 significant American speeches of the 20th Century.
Historical Figures Birth-Century Match-Up
Pick the historical figures from each column who were born in the same century.
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