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Quick Pick - Got Independence in 19th Century
Pick the countries who gain independence in the 19th Century while avoiding the decoys.
TV Series by Historical Event
Pick the correct TV series which first aired during the same year as these major historical events happened.
Year Ladder: First and Last States
If traveling by time machine, this would be an awfully strange path to take.
5 History Fivesomes
Some day, will they combine themselves into a single twentyfive-some?
Are You Smarter Than a History Curator?
Can you answer the questions from the History Curators in their respective subcategories?
Where Did It Happen III? (US History)
This is a lot easier than the 'Where Will It Happen' quiz series, which requires predicting the future.
Decade by Haiku: 20th Century
Ten poems about
The twentieth century.
Enjoy this fun quiz.
Evolution in a Minute!
Can you quickly pick the modern day animal that belongs to each collage of earlier animals?
2000s or 2010s?
Hard to believe we're almost 20 years into this new millennium.
Modern History: 1875-1899
Pick the image that matches the description of an historical event that occurred in each year from 1875 to 1899.
Which 20th Century Decade? II
How well do you know the last century?
20th Century History in Motion
It's like you were right there.
Top Names of a Century
Having a baby? Use this as your guide.
Wars by Century
It's a bummer that every century has so many answers.
The 3rd Thing You Need to Know: 19th Century History
Hopefully you already know the first and second things. Priorities.
Timeline of 20th Century Dates
We think you'll have a good time with this one.
17th or 18th Century
A lot can change in 100 years.
20th Century African Leaders
It's remarkable that some of these leaders are still in power.
War Bunker
An army of octopuses would be the most well-armed around.
Famous From the 14th & 15th Centuries
To be famous back in the 14th or 15th century, you either had to rule a country, go exploring, or make great art.
Century by Historical Figures
Time machines are never there when you need them.
Five Events per Century
This might be your first chance to give history a high five.
16th Century Names Match-Up
These names stood the test of time through more than a few centuries.
Famous 20th Century Quotes
The most important part of saying a great quote, is to make sure someone is listening.
Which Century?
If you can remember that the 1600s were part of the 17th century, you're already off to a good start.
Clicking Through the 19th Century II
Pointing out a pathway to the past.
'R' in History
Curiously, there are no questions about pirates.
'J' in History
Warning: Contains more Js than a jackalope joust in June.
US Statehood Scramble
If you add some eggs, this might make a pretty sweet breakfast.
History by Headline II
Some news you have to read to believe.
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