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Which Century? II
You know...in case you ever find yourself in possession of a time machine.
20th Century: '50s or '60s?
In those days, you had to basically sit in traffic to watch a movie.
Where Did It Happen? (20th Century)
For those that like a little geography with their history.
20th Century: '80s or '90s?
These events didn't happen THAT long ago, this should be a piece of cake.
Former Countries' Borders
Name the former neighbors if Europe for it.
20th Century Missing Location
It's easy to misplace some things, but to lose an actual location? Someone needs to be fired.
A Century of Baby Names
Pretty safe to say that these names have withstood the test of time.
Famous Women by Century
You only have to be accurate within 100 years, this shouldn't be that hard.
20th Century Asian Leaders
The best part about leading a nation is all the cool hats and fancy looking medals you get to wear.
20th Century: '70s or '80s?
Only on Sporcle can a merry band of knights from the 10th century find their way into a quiz about the 20th.
18th Century Match-up
Hopefully you know your history, otherwise you may have met your match.
20th Century: '60s or '70s?
Political platforms or platform shoes?
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