Entertainment Celebrity

Round Glasses Wearers
Round is the new square.
SNL - There's Two of Them II (Picture Click)
And sometimes there's three.
Clickable Sporcle Quiz Show: Entertainment
Who would make the best host for the Sporcle Game Show?
Celebrities as Cyclops
Eye find some of these disturbing.
Famous Redheads
Hint: Howie Mandel is not one of them.
Athletes in Commercials II
You can pretend otherwise if you want, but you remember these jingles.
The One With the Guest Stars
Get all these guest stars in a room and who knows who will come out alive.
First Names in Movies?
But can these first names actually act?
Celebrity Doppelgängers in History II (Picture Click)
Wow, a Nicholas Cage look-alike from the Civil War.
Who Sings That Song?
Multiple choice gives us all a chance.
1990s Celebrity Field Guide
This is a handy source if you ever find yourself hunting for Nick Lachey or Pauly Shore out in the wild.
Billionaire Club
Have you gotten your badge yet?
Celebrity Doppelgängers in History
'Isn't life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?' - some Andy Warhol lookalike.
1960s Celebrity Field Guide (Picture Click)
Well, at least I was sure of Gilligan.
I'm Seeing (Stunt) Double!
One of these people puts their life on the line each day at work. The other makes millions of dollars.
Stupid Quotes by Celebrities
Stupid is as stupid does.
Entertainment Books: The Subtitles
Is there any better way to be entertained?
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