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Famous Cigar Smokers
Name these famous men smoking cigars.
100 Years of Movie Stars
Who will make history?
1970s Celebrity Field Guide
Who says you need a time machine to go back in time?
Same Name as a Cartoon Character III
Name the first names these cartoon characters and celebrities share.
Actors found in the Last Supper
Can someone please pass the Oscar, I mean, mustard?
Have You Seen Hamilton?
Name the celebrities who have seen Hamilton the Musical on broadway.
Actors & Actresses by Movie: 'E'
Can you find the 'E' actors and actresses when given their role and movie title?
5 by 5 Famous Names
Shouldn’t the middle square be a free space?
The Famous by Their Feet
Feet are not normally how we recognize celebrities.
Click-A-De Niro
Pick the Robert De Niro character that belongs to each movie.
Celebrity Guests on 'The Larry Sanders Show' (Season 2)
Real celebrities on a fictional talk show!
Actors With More Than One Oscar Nom
Pick the Actors With More Than One Oscar Nom.
Who's That With Dolly Parton
Name the Celebrities seen pictured with Dolly Parton.
Celebrities Playing Drums
This takes 'marching to the beat of your own drum' to a whole 'nother level.
Almost Useless Celebrity Trivia II
This quiz is slightly more useful than reading gossip magazines.
Bands & Musicians by Song: 'C'
Can you find the 'C' bands and musicians when given their famous song?
Celebrity Cat or Dog
Can you guess if the celebrity is with a cat or a dog? (Type 'Next' to skip the revealed photos)
Heather Rooney Portraits
You’ve truly arrived when you get a Heather Rooney portrait.
Famous Singer Voice to Face Match Up
Can you match each set of golden pipes to its famous owner?
Valentine Celebs Slideshow
Name these female celebrities all blowing kisses.
Born in the USA? II
Are you thinking of playing this quiz? JUST DO IT!
Dynamite Magazine: An '80s Childhood
Match the cover story to the correct issue of Dynamite magazine, read by kids across America in the 1980s.
Celebrity Guests On Sonny And Cher
Name these Celebrity Guests that appeared on The Sonny And Cher Show.
Bands & Musicians by Song: 'T'
Don't go chasing waterfalls. Please stick to the 'T' bands and musicians that you're used to.
Musician Images (A-Z) IV
If we had an alphabet book for musicians, these are the people we'd like to see in it.
Before and After...and After
Before long, it'll just be one name after another.
Famous Centenarians
You better hurry up and play this quiz.
Celebrity Basketball Fans
Name the following celebrities rooting for their favorite NBA teams.
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