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Which Christianity Thing?
Can you choose the correct person, place or thing to answer each Christianity-based question?
Thou Shalt Proofread
Can you click the words that have been misquoted from Exodus 20:3-17 (RSV Catholic Edition)? See Game Note.
Popes of the 20th Century
Pick the Popes of the 20th Century.
Cross Selection
Find the different cross types from the pictured selection.
Pope Profile: Benedict XVI (Multiple Choice)
Can you choose the correct answer to each of these questions about Pope Benedict XVI?
Exodus Events in Order
We're going on a journey today.
LogiCrossword: Seven Deadly Sins
Can you fill in the names of the seven deadly sins with NO letters or hints provided?
Celebrity Picture Click: Bible Version
When given a book of the Bible, can you correctly click each celebrity it corresponds to? See Game Note for Details.
Catholic Pope or The Hunger Games Character?
"The Pope Games" could make for an interesting read.
Religious Twelves Hodgepodge
Can you pick an item that fits into the displayed topic?
Pope Names Templates
Can you fill each box with Pope names of adequate length (disregarding numbers), given a unique letter?
Get the Picture: Living Popes
Frank and Ben! Frank and Ben!
Alphabetical Jumbles: Popes
For each set of Roman Catholic Popes, can you select the one that comes first alphabetically when the letters are unscrambled into their proper order?
Rebuild Notre-Dame
Can you answer the questions about Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris to reveal the image and quote?
Characters of The Passion of Christ
Name the characters of The Passion of Christ.
Follow That Line: Easter Verses
Pick the line that follows each given line from these Bible Verses about Easter.
Word Ladder: On the Third Day...
Name the three-letter words in this themed word ladder.
Artistic Good Friday
Be thankful you don't have to spell 'Gethsemane.'
'H' Bible Book Verses
Can you determine whether each NIV Bible verse below is from Habakkuk, Haggai, Hebrews or Hosea?
Trivia Pyramid: Religion & Mythology
Can you climb the pyramid by answering the religious and mythological questions?
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Religion II
Just like with most religions, you can only choose one.
Religious Figures by Mural
Name the religious/spiritual figures from these murals and street art works.
Genesis Events in Order
If you get stuck on this, we Noah guy who can probably help.
Facts of his Life: Pope Francis
Can you choose the correct answer to each clue about Pope Francis?
Get The Picture: Bible or Quran
The one time putting pictures and Quran in the same sentence isn't problematic.
Patron Saints of the United Kingdom
Shamrocks, and dragons, and golf. Oh my!
Missing Word: The Ten Commandments
Name the missing words in the English Standard Version of the Ten Commandments.
Movie Pope Names
Catholicism would be much more popular if you could go to mass in movie theaters.
8-Letter Popes
Can you recall the pope names that are exactly 8 letters long?
Draw the Picture: 'Top O' The Morning'
Complete the song 'Top O' the Morning' by Bing Crosby and make the picture appear.
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