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Countries by Catholic Population
This quiz is otherwise known as 'places you're more likely to see the pope-mobile in person'.
7 Catholic Sacraments
No matter how much you lobby the Pope, Sporcling will not be a Sacrament.
Names of Popes
The Pope may be the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, but after nearly 2000 years, originality in naming isn't their strong suit.
265 Popes. Nearly 2000 years. Sporcle wishes you good luck.
Saint or Ain't?
Having good grammar is not a requirement for sainthood. Having a good name? Maybe.
Largest Catholic Populations: Europe
If a person moves from one of these countries to another, does that make them a Roamin' Catholic?
Criteria Sorting Gallery: Famous Names
If you choose Clark Kent as a Grammy-winning pop singer, don't say we didn't warn you.
Obscure Knowledge - Twelve Apostles
No, Jude the Obscure isn't one of the Apostles.
Most Common Pope Names
This is the type of quiz that just fills us with pope.
Largest Christian Populations: Asia
If you ever need an ark, we Noah guy.
Religion Groups Grab Bag
Reach all four hands into our grab bag.
Which Religion?
Maybe next time, Flying Spaghetti Monster.
Countries with Most Catholics on a Map
If a Catholic immigrates to a new country, does that make them a Roamin' Catholic?
Genesis Events in Order
If you get stuck on this, we Noah guy who can probably help.
Cities with the Most Catholic Basilicas
There are a few unexpected places here.
Protestant or Catholic Country
Also known as, 'Which country is the Pope more likely to visit.'
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Religion
Perhaps St. Peter also holds the keys to getting 100 percent on this quiz.
Deadly Sins and Virtues Match-Up
This quiz is brought to you by the Roman Catholic Church.
16 Little Bible Character Pictograms
This is probably the only time you'll see a character from Winnie-the-Pooh showing up in the Bible.
Obscure Knowledge - Books of the Old Testament
With only one attempt, what is the least well-known book of the Old Testament you can name? The less well-known the book, the more you'll score!
Nationalities of Catholic Cardinals
It seems like they should all hail from the Vatican City.
Pope or Nope?
Hint: The pope is the one in the big pointy hat.
Movie Characters as Saints
And thus did Saint McFly hoverboard across the water. And all who were present remarked, 'Verily, that was awesome.' Amen.
Typing Challenge: 100 Easter Words
You'll have to type as fast as a rabbit.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Religion
Sorting them all into "religion" is cheating. You know it, we know it.
Find the Religious Figure's Birthplace
In some cases you have to find where they were born, and where they were born again.
The Great Papal Scorecard
When it comes to producing popes, one country is definitely in the lead.
Find the US Catholic Provinces
We couldn't think of any good Catholic jokes. Nun of them are funny.
Books of the Bible - Matching Sets
These Bible books make quite a pair.
Famous Roman Catholics
You're going to have to be more specific than 'The Pope'.
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