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Who Said It? The Office (US)
'I don't care what Jim says. That is not the real Ben Franklin. I am 99 sure!'
Stranger Things Characters
Try not to get too emotional the next time you eat Eggo waffles.
The Next Step
Pick the The Next Step.
Cast of Friends
So no one told you life was gonna be this way...
Who's missing? (Television)
Can you name which character is missing from these well known television lineups?
Harry Potter Muggle Match
Dad loves Muggles. He thinks they’re fascinating.
A Cast for All Seasons: Friends
You are about to enter the friend zone.
Which Show? Sitcom Characters
Pro tip: Seinfeld wasn't in How I Met Your Mother.
Pick the Joseph Gordon-Levitt Movie!
Can you choose the movie starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt?
Pick the Jack Nicholson Movie!
Can you choose the movie starring Jack Nicholson?
'The Walking Dead' Cast Match
The dead never get top billing.
Picture Click: Cast of Stranger Things
Can you identify the characters in Stranger Things?
Who Said It? Parks and Rec
Get 100% on this quiz and maybe you'll make it onto the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness.
Television Speed-Picking
If you're an experienced channel surfer, just sit back and start clicking.
Movie Cast Match (2014)
How many of these recent movies did you pay outrageous ticket prices to see?
Triple Picture Click Movies 1
Pick the picture representing the common theme for each triplet.
Movie Cast Match (2016)
How many trips to the movie theater did you make last year?
Which Show? Sitcom Characters II
See, sometimes responding to an ad in Craigslist works out to be a quirky situation worthy of seven seasons.
Which Show? Workplace Sitcoms
'You need to play to win. But you also need to win to play.' - Michael Scott
'90s Nickelodeon Show by Image
Move it football head!
'F·R·I·E·N·D·S'... and Family
Sometimes your friends become your family.
TV Show by Running Joke II
If anyone knows anything about running jokes, it's this guy.
Late Night Talk Show Hosts by Photo
Don't worry, you don't have to stay up past midnight to take this quiz.
'F' TV Shows by Cast Photo
Somehow, there were no shows starting with 'fingernails' 'fajitas' or 'flammable'.
TV Shows From Characters' First Names
We've been getting to know these people on a first-name basis.
Gilmore Girls Cast Photo
This quiz will make you want to sit down with a pile of junk food and binge watch the whole series.
Game of Thrones: Out of Character
This quiz should prove once and for all that Game of Thrones is not a documentary.
TV Show by Actor Match
As much as these actors seem to embody their characters, they do have lives *and names* of their own.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Television II
We were going to make a TV controller joke, but it wasn't remotely funny.
TV Show by Running Joke III
Admit it, these jokes just get funnier and funnier.
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