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Who Said It? The Office (US)
'I don't care what Jim says. That is not the real Ben Franklin. I am 99 sure!'
Cast of Friends
So no one told you life was gonna be this way...
Television Speed-Picking
If you're an experienced channel surfer, just sit back and start clicking.
Choose the Right TV Character
Thousands of words were sacrificed to create this quiz.
Harry Potter Muggle Match
Dad loves Muggles. He thinks they’re fascinating.
'90s Nickelodeon Show by Image
Move it football head!
TV Show by Running Joke IV
Running jokes are way better than jogging jokes, trust us.
Riverdale Cast Click
Pick the Riverdale Cast Click.
Stranger Things Characters
Try not to get too emotional the next time you eat Eggo waffles.
TV Shows by 4 Characters
Some things are just best in fours.
Who Said It? Parks and Rec
Get 100% on this quiz and maybe you'll make it onto the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness.
RuPaul's Drag Race Contestants
Name the Contestants of RuPaul's Drag Race.
Hulk-Sized Marvel Cinematic Universe Cast Quiz
Match the Marvel Cinematic Universe character to the actor who portrays them.
Multi-Category Television Blitz
For all the Sporclers that spend too much time in front of the TV.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Characters
Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the best new show on TV, and it's not even close.
Movie Cast Match (2000)
Battlefield Earth was released in the year 2000, and things have never been the same.
Movie Cast Match (1991)
If this quiz doesn't make you feel old, we don't know what will.
Cast of Harry Potter
The first five Harry Potter films have been a box office juggernaut. Other than the previously unknown main characters, the rest of the cast is a veritable who's who of British actors and actresses.
Star Trek Blitz
Live long and _____.
'13 Reasons Why' Season 2: New Characters
Name the characters added to the cast in Season 2 of Netflix's '13 Reasons Why'.
A Cast for All Seasons: Friends
You are about to enter the friend zone.
TV's Second Golden Age: Characters from TV Dramas
Many critics say we are in TV's second Golden Age. Apparently, Jersey Shore never got the memo.
'Mary Tyler Moore Show' Cast Photo
R.I.P. Mary Tyler Moore (1936-2017).
TV Show by Running Joke
Why did the TV show run across the road?
Odd One Out: Movie Cast
These actors stick out, but in a good sort of way.
SNL Cast Hosts
Most jobs don't let you come back for a single-shift encore.
Movie Cast Match (2011)
We're fairly certain that every movie released in 2011 was a sequel.
'90s Movies by Cast
The dream of the '90s is alive on Sporcle.
The Avengers Actors
Avengers ensemble.
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