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Capital Cities of Asia
We're assembling our travel plans for the Eastern Hemisphere. This is a polling device.
Sudoku: Countries of the World
Can you correctly place each country of the world on the 4x4 Sudoku grid? (See 'How to Play')
Progressively Harder US Capitals
Minnesota is surprisingly low on the list. We blame Minneapolis.
Word Ladder: Persian Gulf Capital and Country
Name the 3-letter words in this geography themed Word Ladder.
4 to 13 Letter 'Z' Places
We don't think these will be getting you anywhere in Scrabble. Sorry.
Sporcle's Easiest Asian Capital (per Letter)
Time to plan your Asian vacation.
Word Ladder: The Gem State
Name the 3-letter words in this phonetically themed word ladder.
'B' a European Capital
There's no better place to 'B'.
'A' Capitals Crossword
Can you fill in the 'A' capitals of the world?
World Capital or LoL Champ?
It helps if you know one of the topics really well.
Quick Pick: Former Capital Name
Name the capital cities given their former names.
15 in 15: Capitals of Europe
Pick the 15 capitals of Europe in 15 seconds.
Capital Cities of Oceania
Also known as 'Sunny Places to Visit'.
Country, Capital, Subdivision
Even if you fail, be grateful, we're building you a travel catalog.
Capital Cities: After 'F'
But not before E.
Themed Geography Grab Bag II
Imagine sticking your hand into a grab bag and pulling out something the size of Alaska.
Letter Pyramid - African Capitals
Can you build each level of the pyramid by naming an African capital with the same number of letters as bricks in that level of the pyramid? (See How to Play)
Mapless African Capitals Armageddon!
Where is Bruce Willis to save us when we need him?
Quick Pick: 'S' Capitals
Can you quickly pick the 'S' capital given its country?
Word Ladder: Land of the Rising Sun
Name the 3-letter words in this geography themed Word Ladder.
🎳 Neighbors' Capitals by Distance : Peru
Name the capitals of countries bordering Peru; from closest to furthest. [1 minute]
Oceania Capitals Crossword
Can you fill in Oceania's capital cities?
European Capitals with an 'A'
You should have no issues here if you're used to getting A's in geography class.
3-D Miscellany
The quiz is still on a 2D screen. Take off those glasses you stole from the IMAX theater!
1000 Miles Venn Diagram: Asian Capitals
Can you sort the Asian Capitals into the right section of the Venn diagram from which you travel in a straight line 1000 miles from each capital
Capitals of Eight-letter Countries
Name the capital cities of the eight-letter countries.
Unique First Letter European Capitals
Some capitals just need to stand out on their own.
True or False Blitz: Africa
Yes or no, where your score goes, nobody knows!
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