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'H' Cities by Clue
You probably don't want to play a giant game of Clue with entire cities. Or do you?
Anything but Nur-Sultan
Name the world capitals (apart from Nur-Sultan) that ....
United States 'N' Geography
This is US geography to the Nth degree.
Obscure Knowledge - Oceanian Capitals
Obscure knowledge is the best kind of knowledge. Nobody can tell us otherwise.
Find the Star: World Capitals VI
You can't find the star by just looking up, that's the Sun.
Quick Pick: Double Letter US States
Can you match every prompted US state capital to the correct double letter state?
One Letter Different Geography
Name the two geographical locations that only have one letter different from each other.
Big 4 Team by Capital
When given a state or province capital, can you name a Big 4 team that plays in that state/province?
Capital Cities: After 'I'
It's just a really obfuscated way of saying "After Me."
Cover the Alphabet - European Capitals
You can't just cover up things on the screen with your hands and sticky notes.
Know It: US Capitals
Simply naming random things in the US in full capitals does not count as knowing it.
Know It: European Capitals
Can you quickly type the first two letters of each European country's capital?
Anything But Capitals III
Can you pick anything that ISN'T a capital of a country in only one minute without making a mistake?
'TON' Countries and Capitals
Name the countries and national capitals that contain the letters 'ton' consecutively.
Dodge the Capitals! Asia
It's an Asian road trip with a catch: none of the cities visited are capitals of their country! Can you name all the places from the map locations and the hints?
Find Five: Former Things
If they've stopped existing, it might be hard to find five of them.
Find 7 Cities: Central America
The first step is finding Central America itself.
Word Ladder: Midwestern Capital and State
Name the three letter words to complete the name of a capital and state in this themed word ladder.
Anything but South American Capitals
Can you pick ANYTHING displayed below that ISN'T a South American capital without making any mistakes?
Cities Through the Ages (Europe)
Name the European cities represented by these collages.
Pick 5 in 15: National Capitals
Not just any five. A specific set of five.
Is That the South American Capital?
Are you ready to traverse an entire continent in 90 seconds?
Closest US Capitals to Albany, NY
Some are so close that they're almost in the state of New York!
Quick Pick: Capital of Sri Lanka
Pick the letters which are in the full name of the capital of Sri Lanka.
'A' Capitals by Length
We're looking for name length, not the physical width of the city.
'G' Cities by Clue
Let's travel the world without leaving our desks.
Capitals of Asia That Start with a Vowel
No need to waste your time on consonants today.
Find the Star: African Capitals
Nobody tell anyone that there is a bonus star in the sky.
Word Ladder: West African Capital and Country II
Name the 4-letter words in this geography themed Word Ladder.
Asian Capitals First Letter Blitz
Most people only remember the first couple letters of anything anyway.
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