Capital Quizzes

Click the Capitals: P
Can you properly pick these 'P' places?
European Countries Venn Diagram
Perhaps the only place where European borders overlap with one other.
'R' in Geography
Don't be Russian through this quiz to finish under the timer.
Countries & Capitals Sorting Blitz II
This quiz will be tough for those of you with sort term memory problems.
Asian Capital per Letter
If any capital would like to change their name to something starts with 'X', Sporcle will pay you $50.
Closest US Capitals to Mount Rushmore
The president faces on Mount Rushmore are 60 feet tall.
4 to 13 Letter 'B' Places
Betcha wish you had a pet lion by the beach, huh?
Pick the Capital: Europe
The best part is you don't have to spell any of them.
8-Letter Geography Challenge
You could call these octo-countries, octo-states, and octo-capitals.
US Capital Consonant Pattern Puzzle
This game's in a funny old state.
Click the Isogram State Capitals
Isogram? Are we sure this isn't a math quiz?
Find the Countries of Europe by Capital
There's a party at Sporcle HQ, and Eu're all invited.
1st Letter US Capitals 5 to 1
And here all along, we thought the capital of Massachusetts was 'M.'
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