Geography Capital

Capital Consonant Pattern Puzzle
Let's keep things consonant.
Click the Capitals: D-F
Offering you the chance to globe-trot without leaving your chair.
US State Capitals by Final Letter
We thought capitals were at the start of a name, not the end.
Pick the Correct Spelling
This quiz should be easy, we've already typed out the correct spelling for you.
Counting Geography Groups
This is Sporcle's version of 'Group Learning'.
Country Capital Minefield: South America
This is a good way to get your capitals confused.
Ultimate Geography Challenge 'F'
The letter F may have few appearances, but it's still fashionable in some places.
Northernmost City (Europe)
Unfortunately, that compass you keep handy won't do you much good.
Country Sets III
These countries have just really set themselves apart from the rest.
Click the Capitals: C
Clicking these cities sounds like a capital idea.
Capital Name Length by Continent
You don't have to know the exact country, just kind of generally where it is.
10 Closest Capitals to Jamaica
If you like sunshine, you'll love visiting the capital cities near Kingston.
'A' in Asia
We actually see two A's in Asia.
Russian State Capitals of America II
Do you have Georgia on your Mind? We do.
1st Letter Capitals 5 to 1
Counting and capitals all in one compact container.
A to A Geography Challenge
'A' is all we care about here.
Geography Threesome Challenge
Geography? More like, geogra-three!
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