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Nearest US Capital Roadtrip
Can you go on a roadtrip starting from Washington DC with each next stop being the nearest US state capital to your current location that you haven't visited yet?
Canada, Mexico, or US Capital?
Are you in a North American state of mind?
US Capitals by Letter-Number Combination
If it helps, try counting on one hand and spinning a globe with the other.
10 Closest US Capitals to Tijuana
We suggest not drinking the worm while you're down there.
'A' in Geography
We'd take an 'A' in any class.
20 Questions Wrong: Geography
This quiz goes way against the Sporcler's instinct to always be right.
Quick True/False: World Capitals
Luckily for you, this quiz will not require you to spell Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte.
Capitals of Europe without country outlines
Pick the correct capitals on a map without country outlines.
Double Letter World Capitals on a Map
Double the letters, double the fun.
Click 30 Closest Capitals to London
Can you find the 30 closest capitals to London, while avoiding the decoys?
Countries by Capitals: South America
Fun fact: South America has 3 of the world's 4 highest capital cities.
Voronoi US Capitals
Pick the United States capitals on this Voronoi map.
Slice the Map: World Capitals
Can you slice up this world map by naming one world capital city that falls within each 5° latitude band?
Find the Countries of Asia by Capital
If you do well on this quiz, don't Brag-dad.
Multi-Category Letter Board 2
For each column, can you name the items that fit the category and begin with the given letters?
North American Capitals (Multiple Choice)
Can you choose the correct North American capitals?
World Capitals: Mongolian Edition
For each world capital in Mongolian, pick the correct English name.
Country Capital Minefield: North America
There are some explosive non-capitals in this quiz.
Asian Countries by Capitals' Letters 7-1
Pick the following Asian Countries by their Capitals' First Letters from 7-1.
Capitals - Camouflaged
Hidden in each sentence are the names of two capital cities. You must get both to score? NB: May include capitals not officially recognised.
U.S. Presidents in World Capitals (Multiple Choice)
Can you choose the world capital these events took place in based on the clues given?
Country Capital Match: Swapped First Letter
Pick the countries and capitals whose first letters have been swapped.
Click 30 Closest Capitals to Bishkek
Can you find the 30 closest capitals to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan; while avoiding the decoys?
Find the Countries of South America by Capital
Given each South American capital, can you click the country to which it belongs?
Find the Alphabetically First Capitals by Letter
Can you find the world capitals that come first alphabetically for each letter of the alphabet?
Click the Capitals: P
Can you properly pick these 'P' places?
Reversed Capital Trip
Name the closest capital to the previous one, going from Z-A? Start with Zagreb.
European Countries Venn Diagram
Perhaps the only place where European borders overlap with one other.
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