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The Three Aboriginal Groups of Canada
Name the 3 Indigenous Groups of Canada.
Novel by Canadian Provinces
Can you click Canadian province or territory where each novel is set?
Canadian Cities Population Highs and Lows
It's like the High Jump combined with a game of Limbo.
Ontario Cities on the Water
Can you choose the Ontario City located on the given body of water?
Provinces and Territories by Rivers
It turns out more than one river runs through it!
New Brunswick & PEI Hurricane Breakpoints
Can you identify the tropical cyclone breakpoints in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island by clicking on the correct location in the map below?
Get the Picture: Canada & Australia by Category
Pick the correct country for each of these questions.
United States or Canada: Mountains
Extra points if you've climbed them all.
Name a Canadian person that...
Can you name a Canadian person that belongs to each category?
Get the Picture: Which Trudeau?
Garry Trudeau is not an option.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Geography II
No, you can't just sort everything into the category "Earth."
Lengthy Canadian Capitals
These capitals are almost as long as their winters.
Quick Pick: Islands of Canada
Pick the islands that belong to Canada.
GTP: Which City is Bigger (UK vs. Canada)
Pick the city/town which has a larger population
One is Not Like The Others: Canadian Musicians
Canadians certainly are unique.
World Cuisine 3: Canada
Match the Canadian foods to their photos
Topography Sixes
Name the geographic things that fulfill these topographical groups of six.
Longest river through each Canadian province
Which is the longest river crossing each Canadian province or territory?
Find Sports Teams (Canada)
Finding sports teams is like a sport of its own. It's sports-ception.
Is That a Photo of Canada?
Can you determine whether or not was the given photo taken in Canada?
Which Canadian territory or province?
Can't we just have all of them?
Find the trail by picture (Canada edition)
Even if we can't visit all of these beautiful places right now, we can admire them from afar.
Stuffed Animals: Canadian Critters
They're probably stuffed from eating too many Tim Horton's donuts.
Was That a Canadian Prime Minister?
Spoiler alert: Queen Elizabeth has never been Prime Minister of Canada.
Naturally Stunning Canada!
Take the quiz and find out the stunning natural attractions of Canada. Time to prove yourself!
Indigenous Linguistic Areas of Canada
Try saying "Indigenous Linguistic" 5 times fast.
Canada Physical Geography
Let's get physical!
Canadian Crossword
Are Canadians too polite to say a "cross" word?
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