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Crossword : 50s Musicals
Can you fill in the missing word of these musicals that premiered on broadway in the 50s?
Musicals by Main Character
You're only allowed to sing their names.
Lyrics: 'Is Anybody There' (1776)
Name the lyrics to 'Is Anybody There' (1776).
Broadway Musicals A-Z by Picture
Match the Broadway show with an image from its production.
Composers of Musicals
Hopefully these composers didn't hear any cross words from their lyricists.
Entertainment Term Ziggurat (1-9 Letters)
Name the entertainment terms by their hints and a given number of letters.
Subcategory Sort: Anime, Marvel, or Musical
Can you sort the terms into the correct group within the correct subcategory?
Get the Picture: New York Musicals
Can you choose the correct musical set in New York when shown a song featured?
Tony Best Musical By Last Letter
Name the musicals that won the Tony for Best Musical by their last letter.
Musicals Sixes
Six isn't one of those numbers the brain gravitates towards, but okay.
Entertainment Subcategory 'A'
Name the Entertainment Subcategory 'A'.
Crossword: Tony for Best Musical
Can you solve this crossword?
Tony Award Performance Numbers
Can you pick which song each musical performed at the Tony Awards?
Complete the Broadway Musical... With a Picture
And here we thought we'd be completing musicals with song.
Word Ladder: Tony Best Play
Name the 4-letter words and complete the titles of Tony Award winners for Best Play in this themed word ladder? .
Tony 'Best Musical' by Decade
Wait? They made a musical version of The Mask?
Get the Picture: Lloyd Webber or Sondheim?
Can you choose whether the music for each of the musicals was composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber or Stephen Sondheim?
Missing Word: Wicked Songs
Name the missing word in these song titles from the musical Wicked.
Missing Word: Shared Musicals/Movies II
Name the missing word shared between these musicals and movies.
One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other: Musicals
Of the four options given, which one isn't a song from the given musical?
Fill-in-the-Blank: Rock of Ages
Can you click the missing word from these 'Rock of Ages' song titles, and avoid the decoys?
Complete the Musical: Image Multiple Choice
Can you correctly pick each image that completes the title of a well-known musical?
Missing Word Crossword: Musicals
Can you fill in the crossword with words taken from the titles of musicals?
Broadway Musicals By Main Character
Can you 'Dim The Lights' on the right Broadway Musical when given the main character's name?
Superheroes on Broadway
Pick the Broadway musical by its Superhero version.
Musical Counterpoint (clips)
Name the Musical from the Counterpoint clips.
Prepositions in Play Titles
Prepositions may not be the stars, but they play a supporting role in these titles.
Tony-Nominated Musicals by Playbill (1949-1959)
Name the nominees for the Tony Award for Best Musical between 1949 and 1959 from their Playbill covers.
Missing Word: Shared Musicals/Movies
Name the missing word shared between these musicals and movies.
Broadway Show by On-Stage Instrument
Can you identify the Broadway show based on an image of a character playing an instrument?
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