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Grab Bag for Sporcle Badge Collectors
Find the answers to these questions and get that much closer to several Sporcle badges.
Name That Musical - Video Clips II
Name the Musical from the video clips.
Broadway Lyrics for Every Letter - Les Misérables
Can you name a lyric starting for each letter of the alphabet for these Les Miserables songs?
Follow that Lyric: Hairspray
Pick the line that follows the given lyric from Hairspray.
Missing Word: Irving Berlin
Name the missing words from these songs by Irving Berlin.
Missing Word: Names in Musicals
Name the missing names in these various musical titles.
Word Ladder: Tony Awards
Name the four letter words in this Tony Award themed ladder.
Broadway Musicals by Critical Review
Critics agree, this is a great quiz for fans of newer musicals.
Characters in Shrek the Musical
Pick the characters that you would find in the Broadway musical Shrek.
Musicals Without 'Dancers'
The world would be a sadder, less flexible place.
S-P-O-R-C-L-E Entertainment Images
You can also call this one "Musicals, Marvel, and really nice cars".
Broadway Musicals with Title Songs
Pick the Broadway Musicals that feature Title Songs.
Follow That Lyric: Wicked
Pick the following lyric in each Wicked song.
Follow That Lyric: Rent
Pick the lyric that comes next from the musical Rent.
Follow That Lyric: West Side Story
Pick the lyric that comes next from the musical West Side Story.
Clickable Lyrics: 'You Can't Stop the Beat'
Pick the lyrics, in the correct order, to the Broadway hit 'You Can't Stop the Beat' from 'Hairspray'.
Don't Cry For Me Argentina (clicky-oke)
Pick the following words to the Evita song - Don't Cry For Me Argentina*.
Musicals Without Sporcle
Musicals without Sporcle in them just seem to be missing something...like a quiz missing Kyrgyzstan.
Every Best Musical Tony Nominee Ever
Name the Best Musical Tony Nominees from every year.
Clickableǃ The Musical
We've always wanted our very own Sporcle musical, unfortunately we sold the rights to pay for all these Kyrgyzstan flags.
Sporcler on the Roof
If I were a rich man, sporcle sporcle deedle deedle dum.
Broadway *Minefields*
Name the answer that does NOT fit each category.
Broadway Show Stoppers
The show must go on!
Family on Broadway
The family that sings together, also very likely dances together.
Guess the Spring Awakening Lyrics #8
Name the Spring Awakening lyrics.
Guess the Spring Awakening Lyrics #4
Name the Spring Awakening lyrics.
Les Miserables Lyrics
Name the lyrics to this song from Les Miserables.
Word Ladder: Broadway
Name the 4-letter words in this Broadway-themed word ladder.
Name That Musical in One Word
Musicals aren't known for brevity, but this number is short and snappy!
Musical by Antagonist
If someone is singing angrily, it's probably about one of these people.
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