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Follow That Lyric: Hamilton
There’s a million things I haven’t done, just you wait.
Criteria Characters: Les Misérables
Some of these characters didn't survive until the end of the play. Your survival rate should be much higher.
People Mentioned in 'Hamilton'
So, apparently there is this show called Hamilton that people kind of like. Maybe you've heard of it?
'Burn' Lyrics
Don't worry Eliza, we'd burn those letters too.
Theater Words in Book Titles
We tried to come up with a theater pun, but it would just be a play on words.
Hamilton Song Titles in Other Songs
'I am the one thing in life. I can control. I am inimitable. I am an original.'
'H' Entertainment Images II
Hey, hey! No need to get hot-headed, just have fun and be happy!
Name that Musical
Ever since making this quiz, I have been walking around singing 'Shipoopi' and I'll be darned if it isn't appreciated by my friends and family.
Broadway Musicals (A-Z)
It has been said that 'Most convicted felons are just people who were not taken to museums or Broadway musicals as children.'
Aaron Burr, Sir Clicky-oke
Pick the next lyrics to Hamilton's 'Aaron Burr, Sir'.
How Do You Do the Time Warp?
Can you correctly pick the steps (in order) of the 'Time Warp' from the Rocky Horror Show?
Tony Awards Multiple Choice
Can you choose the correct answer to these Tony Award mutliple choice questions?
TV Goes to Broadway (Multiple Choice)
Can you choose the non-existent Broadway musical adaptation of a TV show from three songs that it might contain?
Name the Hamilton Song by Lyric
Can you name which Hamilton song contains each lyric from Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical, 'Hamilton?'
Categorize This!: Entertainment
Pick the Broadway musical that features each song.
Broadway Show by Costume
This is one of the best dressed quizzes you'll play all week.
Introductions in 'Hamilton'
Pardon me, are you...
'For Good' Lyrics (Wicked)
Name the lyrics to 'For Good' from Wicked.
Follow That Lyric: The Sound of Music
If the hills really were alive, we wouldn't stick around to keep singing about it.
Finishing Broadway Songs Titles
Warning: This quiz might burst into a musical number at any time.
Musicals by Playbill II
Sometimes, playbills are more interesting than the actual musical.
Alexander Hamilton Clicky-oke
Pick the next line in Hamilton's 'Alexander Hamilton'.
Entertainment Duos By Image
Fifteen famous entertainment duos are shown below. When prompted with one partner's number from the left side, can you find the other member of the pair on the right?
Quick Pick: Aladdin Songs
Can you choose the missing words from these Aladdin songs?
Bible or Sound of Music?
Can you tell whether each quote is taken from the Bible, or from the Sound of Music?
She Used To Be Mine Lyrics (Waitress)
Name the lyrics to She Used To Be Mine.
Broadway Show by Character
Go ahead, break a leg, or a finger.
Tony Best Actor (Musical) nominees
Name the Tony nominees for Best Actor in a Musical.
Complete the Broadway Song... With a Picture
Can you find the pictures that complete the titles of the Broadway songs?
Requiem Lyrics
Name the lyrics to Requiem from Dear Evan Hansen.
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