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Top 10 Money Making Stars Poll by Year
Imagine all these stars in a movie together.
Directors by Fake Newspaper Banner
Surely, they made some real headlines too.
Box Office: Chloe Moretz
If you're given a brief summary of a Chloe Moretz movie and the Worldwide Box Office Revenue, can you identify the movie?
Which Alec Baldwin Movie...?
Which Alec Baldwin movie did you see?
Top Grossing 'Y', & 'Z' Movies
We've reached the end of the alphabet. And movies.
Movie Quotes by Emoji
Any one of these is better than The Emoji Movie.
Complete the Drama Movies (2010s)
Try not to get overly dramatic if you do poorly.
Which Amy Adams Movie...?
Better play it safe and rewatch every Amy Adams movie.
Edgy Star Wars Characters
Star Wars is known for being edgy.
Years by Highest-Grossing Movies (1980s)
Even at the box office, you should let the Wookiee win.
Profile: Avengers: Endgame
You playing this quiz is... inevitable.
Most Weeks to #1
Better late than never!
Highest Grossing Paris Movies
Name the highest grossing American movies that are primarily set in Paris.
Natalie Portman Box Office Countdown
What was Natalie Portman's highest grossing movie? What about her 10th highest grossing movie?
Christopher Nolan Box Office Countdown
Can you select these films directed by Christopher Nolan in ascending order based on their worldwide box office earnings?
Top Grossing 'Q' & 'X' Movies
A lot of these movies are perfect Scrabble fodder.
Endgame v Avatar Global Box Office
Where did all this money come from?
4-Word Box Office (1991)
Can you match these movies before time runs out?
Top of the Box Office (2018)
If it's a quiz about recent movies that made a lot of money, you can bet you'll find some Marvel films in there.
2000s Film Composers
Name the composers who scored the highest-grossing films of each year of the 2000s.
Christian Bale Box Office Countdown
Christian Bale brings in the money.
Years by Highest-Grossing Movies (1990s)
You'll be back...for more quizzes in this series.
LogiCrossword: Star Wars Movies
Can you fill the Crossword with the names of the Star Wars Movies without any letters given?
Harry Potter Screenshot Match: Half-Blood Prince
Pick the screenshot that matches the line shown.
Box Office Top 100 but Only Franchises
Name the 100 Highest Grossing Franchise Films of All Time.
Top Grossing 'V' Movies
In this case, the 'V' stands for 'Victory' at the box office.
Which Steven Spielberg Movie...?
Can you select which Steven Spielberg film fits the following criteria?
4-Word Box Office (2018)
Match the 4 word movies from the top 100 in the 2018 box office.
Highest Grossing Animated Fantasy Movies
Do you recognize these movies?
80s Movies With No Vowels
Where we're going, we don't need vowels.
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